Saturday, June 28, 2008

These last few weeks have had enough packed in to be the whole summer. Everyone within my "earshot" is wondering when it will slow down. Summer is here there is no doubt. Triple digits. No rain in the forecast. Everyone looking for a corner in the shade or under AC vent! Or in my case, my lounge float in the pool. Which I have missed this week because of VBS. By the time I got home from the church building it just seemed like too much effort to change gears to my usual "lazy bum" status. Here are some of the "happ'nings" of the past few weeks. Abbreviated, I might add.

I have had a house guest for the past week. She is 13 yrs old and the whole story is rather sad. So, in order to spare you all the details let me just say that for some reason I am certain that God placed her in my life for a short period of time this summer. Both to teach me something and her also. It has been pretty amazing and instinctively I am still capable of living in the house with a teenager! It has been a V.E.R.Y. emotional week for me because of her. It is hard to explain and I am not sure anyone would understand it if I tried. Let me just say that if I was 20 years younger ( and healthier ) her life and mine would be changing right now. However, I know my limits and I know my heart ( not the one beating inside but the emotional one ). Maybe I'll talk more about it later but right now just let me say, PLEASE pray for her as I return her home (?). I have no idea why I am putting parenthesis's on everything here.

And in the midst of all the other DEEP emotions of the week, one of our dear church friends passed away at 52 years old. He had a massive heart attack in his sleep. He had not been feeling well during the day. Obviously. We have known him and his family since youth. We also have lots and lots of memories of life with him. He was a GREAT guy and Christian. So, there is our comfort. B, T & I sang at his funeral yesterday and it was packed with friends and family. He was a quiet and unassuming guy. He saw good in everyone! He didn't hold grudges and always had that little boy smile that made him so sweet. He loved to study the Bible and I could remember all the many times I have sat in a Bible class with him and he would comment on something and I was like, "Wow, how did he know that?" He was an outdoor guy, sportsman, hunter and he was still a conductor for the railroad. He could see retirement coming and was really looking forward to it. They had his worn Bible and his pocket knife in his hand. Both of those things were part of him! Life wasn't always fair for him. He had lived through some parts of life he wouldn't want to repeat. But, he was a good man. From a good family that loved him alot! Our new minister likened his death to a fishing boat that starts drifting away from the shoreline. We keep watching him drift out and pretty soon we can't see him from our side of the shore. But, on the otherside of the horizon a different group of friends and loved ones watch his boat sail in to their harbor, out of our sight. His Heavenly friends. Isn't that cool? I'll always have good memories of him in my life.

Tucker is doing great! He is looking forward to seeing Reid and Macy this week. We are working on housebreaking and he is doing amazing. It is just like having a toddler in the house. He plays so hard in the morning and then he has to have a nap. Sorry, Heather but he likes to be rocked. Last night he stayed up with me rather late. I took him out one last time before I went to bed and he did all his "potty" business while I praised him and clapped. Then he runs to the door. I picked him up and he just snuggled down on my shoulder and I put him on his blankie in the bathroom and he was out for the night! I had been calling him cry baby but he is so much better about that. No more. He is content with me spoiling him. I think you can forget the crate stuff. He likes the AC. We went to the $$$ store to get a couple more toys and he is loving that. And eat? OMG. That little bag of food you bought? You better find a Pet**co somewhere close with coupons.

I have been on a movie kick this week. So far I have watched.......The Other Boleyn......... 27 Dresses......Sweet Home Alabama ( again ).........several LIFETIME movies........RUDY ( again )....... While You Were Sleeping ( again ).........and a couple of others.

JD will be proud of me. I am reading Twili*ght. And it started as good as she promised. I am enthralled so far and am looking forward to the next pages......and two books in the series. I love the writing style of the author, Steph*anie Me*yer.

So. My next adventure will be Princess J's birthday next weekend. Can't wait to be with them and watch her blow out her 1 candle. Then? Maybe the official Session One of Camp Neena can START.

Just so you know. The * in the paragraph above break up the title and the author or any other universal term that might provide a link. Then when people are googling stuff on the net for info my blog doesn't pop up for all the world to see. I didn't like that at all. That is also why I don't use titles anymore. It's just personal. And I am paranoid like that sometimes. I think I watch too many LIFETIME movies!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


As with any major undertaking, such as Camp Neena, one must be flexible. Our camp schedule had a slight calendar change but I think that within the next few weeks we should be back on schedule.

Macy did not get to come to Camp Neena yet. We had to rearrange the schedule slightly but Camp Neena is still open for business. I have been able to see all my precious babies in the last few weeks as they came through here on their way to various summer activities.

However, I do have one camper. He is a whiny little booger though. And, he is a messy eater. He also follows me every step I take and gets all tangled up in my feet. He is a snuggler though and I like that! Tonight is his first night without his mommy and brothers and sisters. It's going to be a long one.

Introducing my newest granddog, Tucker. I am not sure of his middle name yet. He belongs to Reid and Macy and he is staying with me until next Tuesday when they return from vacation. He is 6 weeks old today. Do you see those BIG paws? He is going to be a BIG boy.

He has already grown so much since they saw him a week ago! He misses them ~

Vacation Bible School has been in full swing too so I have had a busy busy week. I have been going in everyday. Aren't you proud of me Connie? I even have helped where needed without, well you know Connie.
This is the VBS Rainforest. Monkeys and jungle animals are hanging from branches all over the church building. Our van pulls up every morning loaded up with excited kids. Wish you could see all the rooms and hear all the little singers!

June is over for all account. Now JULY is on the way. My little Jaxon will be joining our family full of one year olds. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun? Even when you are not.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Busy days of summer are here. It seems like when I looked at my dayplanner it was already getting so full I don't know when I am doing what. But, one thing I do know is that next week is the FIRST OFFICIAL WEEK of CAMP NEENA. I am so excited. My first camper is Macy and we already have some pretty awesome plans. We will be posting about them next week. She will be my co-correspondent. I think I will even let her write a blog with me. Stay tuned!

Then, our plans are to go the beach with all of our kids and their families the following week when we take her back. I am very excited about that! Baby Jaxon has not ever been to the beach that I can remember. They didn't get to go last year with us because Mommy was due any minute with her! This will be a fun year to watch them all.

Mother broke her foot last week. This is not actually her foot be it looks very similiar! I "googled" this foot picture for comparison! She was able to get one of the hard boots to walk in but it rubs her leg and is so heavy to walk in. But thankfully it is healing and she is mobile. OUCH!

My sister Jody has been here the past few days with her daughter Jenna Lynn and baby Reese. Reese is one of the fabulous five babies born last spring in our family. She has grown since this picture alot. They are on their way to North Carolina where Jenna, Matt and Reese are moving. Jody and Jim, and all of us, will miss them alot. But, who knows? Maybe I'll actually get to go on a trip there sometime. I would love it. Matt is now officially Dr. Cope and will be doing his residency at Duke. We are all very proud of him ! They have done alot of hard work to get where they are.

Then, Friday is my Uncle Bill's birthday. I won't get to share cake with him but I plan to call him and let him know how special he is to us. This picture was made last year at their anniversary party. How come I am the shortest one in this picture? I am named after my Aunt Mary Lynn. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE BILL!