Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Beverly Hillbillies

Here is the "cast"
Hubby - Uncle Jed
Daddy - Grandpappy
Mom - Aunt "whatever from Tenn."
Me - Granny Clampitt
Heather ( my oldest daughter ) - Ellie Mae
Reid ( my grandson )
Macy ( my granddaughter)

It is true. If you would have passed my parents van on Hwy 36 on our trip to Abilene you would have thought you saw them for sure. What a trip! Four generations were packed in the car. Along with all the essentials needed by each. We tried to pack light for it was just a 2 day trip. Hubby drove ( thank goodness) and Daddy rode shotgun. Then there is the car seat issue with Macy. So, she rode in the middle with Mom. Leaving Heather, Reid, and myself ( my claustrophobic self) in the last seat. I was pinned in next to the window and by the time we arrived (5 hours later ) I was all but in the fetal position . I am not a good traveler. But, I am especially not a good one when pinned in. Thank goodness for movies in the car and the all too FUN ...... Uno for the car game. Reid and I played that alot. If you haven't tried those car games....get one. We did have a wonderful trip and enjoyed being with Mitch our son and his beautiful & sweet wife, JD and the Reeses, who is my sister and family. I just wish that we all lived closer. We always have so much fun when we are together.

I remember lots of traveling when we were growing up. Since, Daddy was in the Air Force that made travel a way of life. We moved alot. And drove alot. Maybe that is why I hate it so now. I think I am the only sister that grew up to hate to travel. In fact, one sister just got back from backpacking around Europe. The other one loves to travel too but stays mostly busy traveling around dropping off and picking up teenagers now! Being the oldest sister I always got the pick of the seat so I can't complain about that. Or should I say being the meanest sister. We drove back to Texas from Anchorage, Alaska. When we were stationed in Penn. we drove to Texas for visits. With family in the Texas valley there were often trips from Central or West Texas down there. The valley trips rank right up there with the Abilene trips. A long way, no scenery, and long and HOT. Both sets of my Grandparents always lived away so there was travel to see them. Here I am YEARS later......married to a small town boy, raising all our children parents within hollering distance. When my kids were growing up there was no need to go anywhere. We were all here! Family came to us!

Now, my children are grown and scattered away. Maternal withdrawals make travel a necessity both physically and mentally. I can only go so long without seeing my kids and grandbabes. So, like it or not I load up.

Can't help but think how nice it will be when we all get to Heaven. I have reserved a cul-de-sac address for us all. No more traveling!

Did I mention that at last count Macy asked a million times if we "were there yet"? And don't think you can ignore her or answer falsely. At four years old, she wants the truth! She wants comparisons and statistics. Then much like myself she collapses in a heap with a heavy sigh. I must say though that the grandchildren are great travelers. They entertained the miles away playing with their fancy technology gadgets, gizmos, and car tv movies. They rarely fussed or whined, especially not more than I did! They are great travelers and respectful kiddos thanks to their great mom and dad who have taught and continue to teach them to be that way. in "my day" we used to pass the hours traveling by playing wonderful games! We played "Riddle Me" and always tried to fool Mom & Dad by choosing objects they would never guess. Then there was the license plate game and the ABC game off the billboards. We played countless numbers of games of hangman, dots, & tic tac toe. And of course the quiet game, which none of us won. Who can forget all the family sing alongs? We knew every hymn in the book! That is where I learned to sing harmony in the car not on CMT. My own children, before seat belt laws, used to perform puppet shows from the back of the station wagon to cars behind us. They listened to their little cassette or was it 8 track recorders to storybooks on tape. They loved to sing in the car too. We could sing for hours. And sometimes did. They had a speak and spell they used to think was fun until they found out it was educational. Sometimes Barbie dolls and baseball cards filled the car. Mitch used to love a little baseball trivia! Times have changed.

So, until I learn how to blink and magically transport myself across the miles, I will have to live with and endure an occasional road trip. Now, though, instead of giving the kids benedryl and dramamine, I give it to myself.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Inferiority Complex

I admit it. I long for comments. Some of my blogger friends rack up the comments. Mike Cope gets so many I don't know how he can read them all. He must have had to change his office hours just to read his comments. 5 is my tops. Ok that covers my mother, my 3 children and an occasional sister or niece. I read them over and over. But it is really starting to worry me. I even got blogger funk over it one time. I mean really! Why spend all that time writing something so personal if no one even reads it? Or even worse, they read it and they don't comment. I have some really cool topics that I plan to cover over the next blogging period. For instance: MY ANNUAL MAMMOGRAM or WHY CAN'T I FIND THE RIGHT LID? or my personal favorite MY LIST OF FAVORITE WORDS OVER THE YEARS. There will be more that I know will excite you. But, I am warning you. Comment. Comment or I will hold the best captive in my mind forever.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sounds of Silence

I know I have said this before but this house is way too quiet. I am all alone for a week as hubby has gone to New Mexico. I have banged cabinets, played the TV too loud, slammed doors, sung loudly, and talked to myself. This is going to sound totally nuts but I love to be alone and I HATE to be alone. It is late now and I am not the least bit sleepy. That is not unusual, mind you, but I really am not the least bit tired. I have a million projects I want to start during summer break and I may pull an all nighter and start one tonight. NAW...... I better not. BUt here is my list of projects. They are in no particular order. This list is similiar to a New Year's Resolution list. I never follow those either.

1. CLEAN OUT THE KIDS CLOSETS AND PACK UP 10 year old mums, dolls, books, clothes, cheerleading shoes, books of 2 precious little girls and football pants, bats, balls, and LEGOS that used to belong to a little boy that lived here for 18 years.
2. ORGANIZE all photo albums. I want to condense them by throwing out the random shots of the neighbors new fence, the road sign from a trip to who knows where, the little blond kid that used to live next door but I don't even remember their name. I only want meaningful pictures left......
3. PAINT ALL THE red picture frames that I painted 2 summer ago black. I want to do them all in black now. I want to rehang the kids wedding portraits in the entry hall on a black iron pole with black frames too. I saw that idea in Pottery Barn magazine.
4. PUSH STUFF AROUND in the garage. It wouldn't be summer without that. It doesn't accomplish one thing.
5. FINISH PUTTING THE MATERIAL on my armoire in our bedroom.
6. FILE IMPORTANT PAPERS in the filing cabinets. Right now, they are strung out everywhere from the kitchen to under a bed somewhere. In the car. At the office. In the bottom of my purse.
7. BALANCE MY CHECKBOOK....I know you are really laughing now. I have that on my list every summer. And I never do it. I don't even know how or care, really.
8. GO THROUGH MY CLOTHES and get rid of things that I haven't worn in awhile. That includes the red print mini dress I wore when I left my own wedding reception.
9. CLEAN OUT THE KITCHEN CABINETS......really. I can't even find a lid. When I want a round one I find a square one. Plates anyone? I have 5 sets of dishes. There are only 2 people in this house. I have one skillet. I have 400 million sets of mismatched silverware. I have a whole wall of cabinets full of whatnots and who knows, that as Ashley says, "Is old crap".

Knowing me and my previous summers, I'll spend alot of time on # 10. Oh well.