Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Little to the Left

Several months ago I sang at a friend's daughter's wedding with Becky and Tawana. As a "thank you" she gave us each a gift certificate to receive a 45 minute massage. I don't think I ever needed one like I did today and I cashed in on that THANK YOU. For 45 glorious minutes, I didn't need to talk to anyone ( I didn't even know her anyway ). I didn't need to think. The room was dark, cold and some kind of Chinese music was playing. Not exactly in my top 10 musical selections but it was soothing. I did keep thinking of Memoirs of a Geisha which was a little distracting. As you must realize by now, it is virtually impossible to put my brain to sleep. But, I did the best I could. She knew what she was doing. She worked me from neck to foot. She kneaded, rolled, squirted some kind of hot stuff that smelled like lavender on me, she popped joints, wrestled knots in my shoulders the size of Irish potatoes and left my head for last. That's right I said my head. Now mind you, I am vain. I am known to fix my hair and makeup before scheduled surgeries. She, without my permission, removed the giant clip that held my hair coiffed up in a nice little wad. Before I knew it my hair was sticking straight up in every direction. It had enough hair spray on it to hold it that way too. It did feel so good to get a head massage but I must say that it took me 30 minutes to get that clip back in so I could exit the place. This is just a warning to those of you who have never had a full body massage. Your head is going to get kneaded and rubbed. Go in expecting this and take a hairbrush. At least I had dark glasses for the ride home.

Monday, October 23, 2006

What Time Is It?

I hate it when I do this. I came home today and looked around at all things that needed to be done. Then I said to myself, "Self, why don't you take a little nap and you'll feel so refreshed when you wake up. Ready to tackle all those projects...ready to finish up all the things you have left undone since yesterday. " Three hours later I woke up. It was dark outside. I looked at the clock. "OH MY, I am late for work!" I hit the floor. Running, however, is not the description for you. I was flopping, flailing and falling all over the furniture trying to decide what to do first. Where to go. Who to call. Roll my hair or take a bath. What am I going to wear? Or as Weezer, of Steel Magnolia fame, would say, "I didn't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt." Hope that isn't too offensive but it was funny when Weezer said it. Anyway, it took a few seconds to regain composure and realize that it was 7:30 PM. Rats, I still had time to cook supper, wash a few loads of clothes, and of course blog. Except it is now 9:30 PM and I really don't feel like doing anything.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Still Painting

Exactly one month ago today I told you my travails with all the extra adrenalin that flowed through me. All the projects I had started and left unfinished. Just a quick update on the progress or lack of it.......

1. The front door has been left as is.........the sanding has stopped. The idea to paint my beautiful stained door black receded to the depths of my mind. Instead, I made a beautiful fall wreath to welcome visitors to my home.

2. Only son's room has been finished. The bed has been made. The packed boxes and tubs are gone. Mission accomplished.

3. Daughter # 1's room has almost been transformed. Baskets of organization are now on the shelves. A new day/trundle bed is made up for company. My computer station is organized and I am surrounded by things that make me happy and smile. Please don't look in the closets or file drawers yet.

4. The bathroom that had wallpaper shreds hanging off after 2 straight weeks of picking is almost....almost finished. The sad news for my bank account was that professionals had to be called in. The happy news for me is that it is going to be beautiful.

5. Daughter # 2's room the door remains shut. I am scared to enter. I think all the things that have made these other 4 projects be accomplished have somehow crawled into that room to kill me when I open the door. Which will by the way be sometime towards the end of next week. Around Halloween. How appropriate.

When all of this chaos is through. A new roof will be put on this house. Followed very quickly by new flooring. Then I will call it quits for another 20 years. And let the next owners do whatever they want. By that time I should be settled snugly into the new wing of the local "home" playing BINGO and racing Cindy down the hall in my wheelchair.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A Stitch In Time

I guess the title is a little gross considering the facts. I'm home from Ashley's and the surgery went well. The dr. was able to put in the McDonald Cerclage along with an added stitch for precaution. If you know anything about high risk pregnancies or pre term labor that will make sense. However, I did not. At first he had planned to perform a cerclage procedure called the rescue cerclage. In the actual surgery he decided it was too risky for the safety of the baby. It would have prevented her from months of bed rest and ensured her of going close to full term. The McDonald cerclage is basically a safety stitch. It sews up the top of the cervix to help prevent pre term labor/early dilation, etc. The downside is that she will go on bedrest probably around Christmas. As soon as the baby grows more and more it will cause pressure on the stitches and bedrest will help give her more time and keep the weight off the cervix. So keep praying! I thank you for that, I really do. The sonogram and heartrate were perfectly normal and the baby had grown in 2 weeks.

It seems like all I ever talk about on my blog is medical stuff. You would think that we were this pitiful little inactive, unhealthy, undernourished family. In all actuality we are very active and basically quite healthy. Just because I have had 2 heart attacks does NOT mean I am not healthy. It's like my momma says, "I have a condition!" LOL. We all lead way active lives! It is just when something has to go wrong we like it to be in a big way. Always the drama family. More news later. And not health updates. We have a big trip to Abilene this weekend to watch the Merkel Badgers battle Anson. Go big PURPLE. It is also ACU's homecoming so we should see lots of old friends and family. Maybe I'll find something exciting to post for you next week. And then again, maybe not.

Monday, October 02, 2006


I haven't been ready to tell this until now. I am going to be a NEENA again. Let me say I couldn' t be happier and more afraid at the same time. Most of you know that I have a daughter that has been trying for 6 years to have a baby. She was born to be a mother. From the time she was born she had a baby doll. The population of dolls grew and grew around our house. She had all colors, shapes, sizes, hair colors. Some had eyes open, some had eyes shut. She played with and loved them all. Although she would not admit it, I know that she played with dolls until jr. high. Rather secretly. She dressed up her poor little brother and fixed his hair long before he could defend himself. Then she began to dress our poor dog up in baby clothes. It wasn't long until the entire town realized what a "prize" she was as a babysitter. She babysat, babysat, and babysat some more. She went on trips with families to help with the children. She was like the PIED PIPER. At church, her pew would be filled with all the kids. This was everywhere we went. She never ever met a kid she didn't like! So the infertility issues were so confusing to us all because we knew there would never ever be a better Christian mother. Her husband bravely stood beside her in ever venture she undertook to get pregnant. He deserves a medal. Sadly, they lost twin sons several years ago. Just not quite ready to be born at 24 weeks. It broke their hearts and mine too. How do you heal from that? Or do you just go on? Going on is the only choice that we, by the miracle of God she is almost 12 weeks pregnant without any doctor intervention. We've kept it rather quiet until we were totally sure. We have now heard the heartbeat. We have seen the baby on a sonogram. It is now very real. She is placed in the high risk catergory and they have the best doctor who has assured that he will do everything he can to prevent anything from going wrong again. So, Friday morning at 8 AM we will check her into the hospital where she will have a procedure that will hopefully prevent her body from repeating history and starting pre-term labor. Please pray for her and her husband and give them strength to get through these next few months. And pray for the outcome.........a beautiful baby. I don't believe that we should ever bargain with God for blessings. I would be so afraid to do that. I would never do it. But, I promise that this baby will know about Jesus and salvation. He will hear the story of Noah, Daniel in the Lion's Den, and the Good Samaritan. I will do my part to give the message. Please join our family and remember them in your prayers these next few months. She mentioned in her blog and I'll share with you an excerpt of what she said:

"Now....Have I mentioned that I'm so very scared. I am. Absolutely freaking paranoid. I'm scared of history repeating itself. I'm scared that things will be beautiful one day and me upside down the next. I'm scared of cramps, back aches, hearses and small coffins. I'm scared of sympathy cards instead of congratulation cards. I'm scared the room will still stay empty. I'm scared of leaving the hospital empty handed...again. Please God let all things go smoothly."
Our whole family THANKS YOU for your prayers!