Friday, November 28, 2008

"There was an old woman......" Remember the rest? Seriously, this is what my house has been like over the holidays and I have loved every minute of it. We have had our own family, children, grandchildren, parents, sisters, nieces and we always pick up a few "strays" that we love like family and they pile in too. There have been football games in the yard, basketball games on the driveway, Playstation tourneys, EATING, tractor rides, playing in the leaves, swinging on the old rusty swing set, and just in general FUN. The grown ups keep the children all way over stimulated with rowdiness. Next year, our crowd gets bigger with MORE family babies coming in the next year. ( More about that later ) Right now, blankets and pillows are spread out all over the floor in the family room and it's fixing to be movie night. After that, some make it to a bed ( the lucky ones), some find a couch, and the rest just lie where they can. However, I have MY BED. I usually fall asleep these nights to giggles and noise. It's a long time in between these kind of nights. Paps and I aren't near as much fun when we are alone, I think. We are rather quiet and in a routine. But, this week? Not one single routine. No planned bedtimes. Little teeth brushed? Maybe. Occasionally a crying baby. Nothing I can't handle though. Only one planned meal. The rest of the time we just drag all the food out and it's a free for all! Tonight we ate out. Tomorrow night we probably will too. These are wild weeks, you say? They are. And, I always look forward to them. Because after all, Neena's Nest is the happiest when it is full.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whatever you do. Wherever you go. Whatever you cook. Whatever you eat.
Wherever you wash dishes. Wherever you nap. Wherever you love. Be thankful.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Most of my day was spent at the church building doing whatever I could find to do to help. Any pan I could find to wash. Any tea I could pour. We had a funeral service for one of our members who was such a special man. A very kind, sweet, and loving man who left his sweet family too soon after a very brave fight with cancer. They lovingly had been caring for him these past few months while he was in hospice care at their home. It 's hard to know what to say. Even for someone like me who always says whatever. He will truly be missed by lots and lots of friends and all his family, but tonight when his sweet wife lies down I know that a tear will fall as she realizes that there are many long and lonely nights ahead while God heals her broken heart. Join me and pray for her as you pray. Her name is Kathryn and she is brokenhearted. As are their children. Cancer is from Satan.

OKAY. I admit it. Peer pressure follows me wherever I go. Honestly. I am a middle aged woman who still gets pimples, likes to hang at the mall, loves to try new makeup, adores fashions and fads, and after my sweet girl JD got me hooked on Gilmore girls a few years ago she thought HMMMMM , I'll really hook her now. She'll love this book series Twilight now turned movie. AND I CAN NOT WAIT for the weekend to see it. Sadly, I may have to go by myself. All my comprades are either in a cast or out of town! Sorry girls.......gotta go without you. It's really ok. A bag of popcorn a diet coke and some smuggled in candy and a little EDWARD and JACOB and I"ll be good to go. But, I'll watch it again with you. I promise.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obviously this is NOT my car but it is my car's twin. My car is in the driveway. But, the reason for this story is simple. I just made my LAST car payment. So, now that this has occurred I am starting to worry about what can happen now. I have taken very good care of her. I want to keep her a long time. I do NOT want another car payment. I want to enjoy the extra little $$$$ each month for awhile. It'll almost be like getting a retirement raise! Pretty good, don't you think?

Monday, November 17, 2008

I've probably been teaching Bible classes since I was 15 years old. This is NOT to brag but it is simply a fact. I like to stay on my "own" mental level which is not usually above 5 or 6th grade. HA ! I relate to them and in return they relate to me. Once we get disciplinary class rules out of the way, also known as bribery, I never have trouble with them. Well, I guess never is kinda strong. Let's just suffice it say, I don't usually have trouble with them and when I do I just throw them out to sit in the hall for a few minutes and that does the trick. They know I mean it!
I love this painting of the Lost Sheep. It's always been one of my favorite comforting thoughts about God's love for us. Last Wednesday night we were in John 10 and there were alot of the analogies about the Good Shepherd and His sheep so we spent quite a bit of time applying those to our lives. They made up some very creative comparisons! They totally got it. Many of these children are our "van" riders who have never been exposed to the Bible, but they, for the most part, are soaking up the Bible stories. They are really learning to put it in their lives, at school and at home. I am so happy that I don't have to be a perfect person to teach a class. That I can enter into that room with those kids and tell them I am not perfect but I love God's word and I want to tell them why. I am not "equipped" to do alot of things in God's Kingdom but I hope that the things I do glorify him in my own little meager way. I don't really want a mansion over the hilltop. I will be perfectly satisfied with a little one room house over that hilltop. Even a sleeping bag. I just want in on the deal.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How many times can you say 'no no' in a 20 seconds?

How serious is this child labor law in America now?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

QUICK! Somebody send help. I'm listening to Christmas carols.

I'm actually singing along too. Add to that vision a little holiday swaying. I'm even enjoying it. What about putting all my trees up with pumpkins scattered underneath? OK, maybe not.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To all the veterans....I appreciate the fact that you protect our country and our freedom. For all the generations who served before.....I salute you! God bless you and God bless the USA.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

This time last week I was smooching this sweet face. I wish I could smooch it everyday! Sweet kisses for sure. I love the fact that she recognizes me now and remembers all our little private motions and words. She is still my TINY PRINCESS!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I'm not real sure why but I am starting to get a little excited about Christmas.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9

Monday, November 03, 2008

After my wild week of travels I am home. I feel like Gilligan must have felt on his "three" hour cruise!
All is well. Tawana is home and tucked safely in her own bed to recuperate.
Thanks to all of you for your prayers!
GOD BLESS AMERICA tomorrow. Land that I love.
Now, EVERYONE get out and VOTE!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Well........where do I begin? Lest you think my life is boring here is a recap of the last few days for my loyal 5 readers. Bear with me as it is pretty newsy.

1.) Wednesday Morning I woke up about 1 AM with my left arm aching. NOT GOOD for a heart patient. In fact, both other HA's have started with that same symptom but the big "explosion" followed soon after. Stubbornly, I stayed in bed and prayed. Can the word stubborn and pray be in the same sentence? Hmmmm. By noon ( yes,10- ish hours later. ) I decided to call the cardio dr. I just told him that I had NO other symptoms other than that. He politely told me to GET MYSELF TO THE ER NOW. I did. All of the cardiac testing turned out negative. THANKS to God. I am fine!

2.) Enroute to Abilene on Thursday I received a call that my BFF Tawana had been in a head on collision on her way to DFW. I had Mom and Dad with me and we redirected ourselves to the TRAUMA center at Brack for the next 7 hours with Terry, Tracy and Becky BFF. God wrapped his arms around Tawana and saved her life that morning. Although her injuries are extensive, painful and will be long healing, she is alive and coming home sometime next week. Lacerations and broken bones can heal. It was a sweet and happy moment of rejoicing when we all realized that! Our trip resumed after her admission to a room to heal. I SLOWLY proceeded the rest of the 4 hour trip my heart heavy with compassion, sad to be leaving her but relieved to know that she will be home soon. LIFE is sweet. Life is precious. Tell your family you love them everyday. We pulled into Abilene at around 10:45 ish. I felt like .... well...... I felt a little tired.

3.) Everyone headed off to school on Friday morning and Mom, Jaxon and I went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast. About 1 we headed up to ACU to watch our own little family STAR soccer player, Jordan, play an awesome game. They lost 2-1. Sniff. I hope I wasn't a bad luck charm. Soccer How do those girls RUN for a straight solid hour. NON STOP. Back and forth.....And the wildest part was that Jordan had broken her arm the day before and she played the entire game! Not trying to brag but she played an unbelievable game. I am so proud of her. Then Fri. night we got to watch Abilene HS beat Richland Hills, leaving them undefeated and headed to playoffs. ONE more district game. I was grinning from ear to ear watching my sweet son interact / coach those boys. I couldn't help but remember what seemed like yesterday, when he used to sit in the press box with his little helmet on and dream of being a "football boy". Now, he is on the field running up and down being the cutest coach EVAH.....evah. They have a great bunch of boys and my FAVORITE 2 coaches. Another great part of the game was sitting the second half with Connie, Don, Mel, and Rob! We had a great visit. It just reminded what I already knew. We miss them SO much. Our lives both at church and away are VOID without them. They are the most amazing people. If you remember, they were our "family" that was so badly injured in a car accident in the spring near San Antonio. They have enjoyed their new lived in Abilene and being with Mel and her family. They get to watch their grandsons play sports and are enjoying settling in to a new church family at Hillcrest. Does Hillcrest know how lucky they are? They better! We love us some Adams' people!

4.) Things calmed down a little on Saturday. "Our" coaches worked at the field house all day, JD had to work a few hours so Jaxon and I headed out shopping. We both love that. I am trying to teach her a few strategies on bargain hunting. Then we had a big family dinner ( ROAST and all the trimmings ) at Jody and Jim's house. Jordan and Kyle joined us and we had a great time. All the guys and Jordan watched the TEXAS/tech game. We all know now how that turned out. Some were happy ...... some were not. Just saying.......won't say who.

5.) JD and I got to catch up on one of our favorite TV's shows she had recorded and stayed pretty lazy most of the morning. When she left for work I cooked a big pot of veggie meatball soup and a loaf of banana bread and Jaxon and I played with all the toys in the toy box. Then tonight I stood in the dark nursery with the sweetest smelling little bundle of happiness that has grown so much in a year. Her little head was snuggled on my shoulder. I could hear her softly sucking on her finger. We sang and swayed. When I layed her in her bed I realized that tomorrow night I would feel so empty! I've had so much fun here as I always do.

6.) We are headed home in the morning early. My mom's cousin passed away and we are planning to go to the services at A & M church on Monday. She and Daddy were both really sad about his passing. But, we all agreed that his Heavenly homecoming would have been worth witnessing. I know that there was rejoicing from the Lingleville crowd when he arrived. NO sadness for him.

**I think my next 12 weeks will be spent helping by being one of Tawana's nurse/cook/ housekeepers. Between Mom, Becky, and myself , we should have her covered. I know that our church family will pitch in and help with meals too. Because, that is how we all roll....we are close.

**Remember me as I try to continue the library program without Tawana. We had just outlined our next 7 weeks of the year for BookWorms. She had them all organized and books pulled. She had even filed crafts for each lesson. Little did we know.......sort of weird now that I think about it.