Thursday, November 13, 2008

How many times can you say 'no no' in a 20 seconds?

How serious is this child labor law in America now?


Giggi said...

I bet she's never heard a no-no from her Neena! I mean after all, she is only trying to help!

Hollie Reese said...

She is so cute! Riley has been talking alot about you lately. Everything she plays with has been named Neena and she calls you often on her "cell phone."

Lynn said...

OHHHHHH I could just run over there. I hope Justin had a happy birthday today. Would you give him a hug from me? I am going to be at Ashley's tomorrow night (Friday) and am hoping to get Reid and Macy for a slumber party. Can Riley and Brooks come too? We would have SO SO SO much fun. Neena is in charge so Mommies can rest. LOVE YOU.

SweetAnnee said...

just name them
No No
sweetie baby
love ya
traveling tomorrow
but only to Southern IL

Kelley said...

Preciousness!!! What a Neena!

Ashley said...

Making my poor baby sweep the floor! Ha Ha! She loves the broom!

Thanks again for coming up and helping me out this weekend.

You are the best mother ever.

I love you