Friday, November 28, 2008

"There was an old woman......" Remember the rest? Seriously, this is what my house has been like over the holidays and I have loved every minute of it. We have had our own family, children, grandchildren, parents, sisters, nieces and we always pick up a few "strays" that we love like family and they pile in too. There have been football games in the yard, basketball games on the driveway, Playstation tourneys, EATING, tractor rides, playing in the leaves, swinging on the old rusty swing set, and just in general FUN. The grown ups keep the children all way over stimulated with rowdiness. Next year, our crowd gets bigger with MORE family babies coming in the next year. ( More about that later ) Right now, blankets and pillows are spread out all over the floor in the family room and it's fixing to be movie night. After that, some make it to a bed ( the lucky ones), some find a couch, and the rest just lie where they can. However, I have MY BED. I usually fall asleep these nights to giggles and noise. It's a long time in between these kind of nights. Paps and I aren't near as much fun when we are alone, I think. We are rather quiet and in a routine. But, this week? Not one single routine. No planned bedtimes. Little teeth brushed? Maybe. Occasionally a crying baby. Nothing I can't handle though. Only one planned meal. The rest of the time we just drag all the food out and it's a free for all! Tonight we ate out. Tomorrow night we probably will too. These are wild weeks, you say? They are. And, I always look forward to them. Because after all, Neena's Nest is the happiest when it is full.


Holly said...

Got room for one more??? Sounds FUN!

Kelley said...

One of these days I'm gonna come visit Neena's nest.