Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'll start off this post with a toast! Our oldest daughter and her preciousness took off for a few days in Fredricksburg to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary. They had so much fun just getting to do whatever that didn't involve basketball, baseball, dance practice or a Brownie meeting. Or a science project. Or a scheduled meeting. They had a great time and arrived in time for all the FUN. Happy Anniversary to Heather and Troy!

Anyone that was in this house last week has to admit that it was absolutely wonderfully crazy. We watched the grandchildren play together for hours and hours. The bigger two each had a baby to love on and there was lots of loving. The two little ones, Avery and Jaxon were precious together. It was really the first time they realized that they were family! The last time they were together was in March and Jaxon was so sick with an ear infection she didn't feel like playing but they made up for this time. TOO TOO CUTE. Reid stays with the big guys most of the time watching ESPN and any and every football game that is on. When he gets tired of sitting he hauls out the mower tractor and gives everyone rides around the property. All the little princess pile in the trailer delighted for his attention. Macy baked some with me and did lots or arts and crafts. I have signs and love notes hanging everywhere. All sparkly and girly girl. All that to say this.....we had LOADS of fun. Mom, Dad, Mimi, Jody, Jim, Jordan, all made the pilgrimage back and forth to our house everyday. We had our favorite family guests with us too.....Barbara and Katy came to stay a few days and we love it when they are here. They are our son in love's Mom and sister. They just pile in and make themselves at home. It's like we've known them forever. Plus, we all are in love with and share DNA with Avery! We pretty much finished off any leftovers. Then when it was time for everyone to go, all my kids pitched in and stripped the beds, washed towels, loaded the dishwasher one final time and vacuumed. That was SO SO SO much help. I can't wait to see them all in just a few weeks again.

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mindy said...

Sounds like your house if overflowing with love! Jack is very excited to come and see Neena for Christmas! You are going to be so surprised at how big he and Sam are! Be blessed - you are such a blessing to all of us!