Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our church family has been struggling along these past few months without a minister. We have a bunch of talented men who stepped up and covered preaching but we still felt incomplete. On top of all that struggling one of our dearest couples/friends/family/leaders moved away and we were really reeling in self pity and pain! We miss you Connie and Don, we have survived, barely. But, we have been blessed to find a young family that wants to be part of our church family. They moved into the "parsonage" today and are so excited to get to know us all. The good and the bad of us. And we are excited too. Pray that this is the start of a great big spiritual boost that is long overdue for many of us. Mostly me!

I was so proud to get to watch Reid's game a few weeks ago. He is quite an athlete like his daddy and his Uncle Bubbie. Whatever he chooses to do, he does it excellently. Not to mention that he is handsome, polite, kind, smart. He is finishing up a great school year. He aced the TAKS, even getting the principal's recognition for his high score. He was on the student council. He plays basketball too. When he finishes school next week he'll be officially headed to MIDDLE school. I can't believe it. But, before that he is enrolled at Camp Neena and I may never let him go home. I may open up homeschool! With no math. Anything to keep him from growing up too much faster!

Then there is my little blue eyed beauty. If she is the room then there is action going on. Her smile lites up the entire room. We were so disappointed to have had to miss her fancy, foo foo, dance recital a few weekends ago. Paps was sick and we couldn't go. But, she has promised us our own private recital when she comes. Complete with music and tututs. I may rent out the rec center! HA. I know it would be well worth it. She has soaked up every single minute of Kindergarten. She is reading and writing. She was a member of the Good News Club at school. Plus, she just realized today she has 2 loose teeth and she couldn't be more excited.

Speaking of tutus. Here is my latest little lovely dancer. She has learned to walk and has not slowed down yet. So, much to explore. And she does. She is starting to talk too and it'll melt your heart. She understands whatever you say or tell her. She is going through the "mama stage" right now and it's hard to get a hug but we work around that and get lots of loving on her when she is around. She is her mommy's buddy.

And my happy little contented princess, Jaxon! She is practicing her swimming skills for her turn at Camp Neena. She also has that million dollar smile and a contagious little belly laugh. And those eyes? OH MY. She's getting the teeth that her cousin Macy is losing! It won't be long and she'll be up and running with her cousin Avery.

Hopefully, my summer will be full of hugs, kisses and lots of visiting back and forth. And gas prices? For the love of Mike, not even that will keep me away from my babies!

Friday, May 30, 2008

First let me say. This is not my wedding picture. But, my wedding picture would have been there if I could have figured out how to use my scanner and upload it into blogger. Blogger and I have a love - hate relationship with photos.
But, I will say this. Yesterday was our 37th wedding anniversary. I don't know where time goes. Somewhere really fast, is all I know. This boy child that married this girl child so very young on that day are now thinking they are still the boy and girl with just alot more things that ache and hurt! And alot of love that has taken some pretty good "licks" but is still very much beating.
If anyone of you has ever been in love, the real kind - the forever kind, then you know it's sort of like riding an eternal roller coaster, the fastest and scariest roller coaster in the world. You get on with this partner and you never get off. NEVER. There are times when you may want to jump off but never do.
I have learned alot of things about myself during these years. I have learned that I am selfish. I didn't mean to be and I've worked hard to change that. He's worked too on his own issues. Work. That's part of it. I've learned that love changes and takes on new feelings. I never agreed with that popular saying from the 70's that said, "Love means never having to say I'm sorry." I think it is so FALSE. Love has everything about saying I'm sorry. Admitting your mistakes, taking responsibility when you've made hurtful choices or said mean things. Words cannot be taken back. Apologies can ease that hurt. Love also changes and morphs into different seasons. These seasons are pretty unexplainable unless you have crossed over into them. During the early season there is so much learning to do. It is so important that within your own relationship you each are trusted to find your own support groups with friends. At least it was for us. For guys to do guy things and girls to do girl things. And you respect and honor those times. But, no matter how much you have known or been with the that person you do NOT know them. You spend years developing your own inside beliefs, morals, and friendship circles with this person. Sometimes the borders are hard to establish but in our case, these boundaries were established effortlessly and easily. We raised 3 strong children who were the center of our universe. Being a family was all we saw or wanted. We chose to teach the same things we had been taught. And despite our many mistakes they came out on the other side of our immature skills like troopers. All the while the marriage is still a work in progress. A flip of the roller coaster basket. And you hang on. Marriage seasons go very fast. Especially the one that involves the raising of the children. POOF. You almost lose your own identity and think you may have. All of a sudden the children are gone and another season enters. The season of "Who in the world lives in this house with me?" It's a fun and exciting season because you pretty much start back at the beginning for awhile and get to know that person with the familiar face. It's not all fun and games though. Somewhere in the midst and changing of the seasons it is very easy to lose who you were or thought you were. You have each learned to be the person that God intended you to be but you never realized that you/he changed. And grew. And became grown! No longer that handsome guy in the wedding picture looks the same or the bride with the big dreams. But, if you have prayed together and loved together, all those changes in that season bring you closer. Thankfully, your love has deepened to the extent that you accept, embrace, and love those changes even if you don't agree. Love is so much about being a good companion too. A better friend. A precious lover. It is someone who doesn't mind holding your hair back while you are wretchingly sick, or bringing you a sprite when you are sick. It is someone who watches the Lifelight helicopter take off not knowing .... not knowing if that last season will ever come. It someone who lets you be yourself because they know that is all you can be. It is understanding the word stubborn and thinking it is a good word. It's letting God lead your marriage and not running ahead to try to make it your way. It is scraping pennies to go visit the kids. It is decisions to be made and jokes yet to tell. It is still waiting anxiously for his car to come down the drive after work. It's all the little things. It's looking back and seeing only happy times not the mistakes. It is not roses, fancy restaurants, perfect words or lots of money. It's just that simple. And why do people, even me, try to make it so hard. Happy Anniversary my sweetie.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I think that most of us in Central Texas will

agree.....SUMMER IS HERE. The temperatures have been waivering at close to 100. No rain in weeks to measure. IT's HOT. School is officially over for most next week. With the later start of school this year in Texas, everyone is going to classes through the first week of June. Camp Neena is ready to kick off. I think Macy will be the first camper. We are looking forward to it. She's our snuggle bug. She has already gotton some ideas for us to do. For one, I know we will be catching frogs again. Or should I say, she'll be catching frogs. I am the look out. We set her up a small aquarium tank on the deck to put them in and then like last year, we'll let them go on the last day of camp. We have seen several different species of frogs around so she should have fun. Along with the geckos and chamelons. She loves her animals! Then she wants to go and get her nails done. Professionally. Not by me. She said she will sit as still as a staute. So, we will do that. Maybe the movies. Then mostly swim and I'll steal lots and lots of love.

This is what I have been doing for the last few weeks. PEACHES PEACHES PEACHES. And also, blackberries, boisenberries or as I call them dewberries. There is very little difference but they are SO SO good. My cereal bowl has been full of them. G's bluebell icecream bowl has been full and our freezer is getting full. I have given away more than I've kept. The berries need to be picked again today and so do the peaches. Most of the branches on the peach tree have clusters of peaches in no less than 7 per cluster. They look like grapes! If you bring a basket by, I'll be glad to help you pick!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


To hoom it mae cunsern:

I waunt to apply for the job what I saw in the paper.

I kin Type realee qwik wit one finggar and do sum a counting. I think I am good on the fone and I no I am a pepole person, Pepole realee seam to reespond too me well. Certain men and all the ladies. I no my spelling is not too good but find that I Offen can get a job wit my persinalety.

My salerery is open so we kin discus wat you want to pay me and wat you think that I am werth, I kin start emeditely. Thank yoo in advanse fore yore anser. hopifuly Yore best aplicant so farr.



Monday, May 26, 2008


And he's only a boy in a man's body. Please pray for my daughter in love's brother, David. He leaves tomorrow for a base station in Ramadi. It is a known focal point for terrorist activity against the United States forces. This is his second deployment. Pray that he is shielded from harm and that he and his other comrades accomplish their task and are sent home safely to their familes. Pray for peace in David's heart and for a covering of God's protection for him and his family while he is gone. Be safe David. Alot of people love you more than you know.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back when I worked, my favorite time of the day was when a group of small children came into my office for the morning PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE. Every single morning. At 8:00 AM SHARP. Little voices quivered and recited and sang. We followed the pledge with the National Anthemn and then other insignificant daily announcements. Then it was business as usual.
But during that few moments when the children would pledge and sing, I would try to step back and watch their little faces. They knew all the words but they didn't know why they were saying them. At least not yet. 7 year olds do not understand the passion of patriotism. I am not sure that many of us do either. Growing up in a military family I think I have a grasp on the concept. I remember being taught to stand when the flag passed. I remember watching my daddy at attention among a group of soldiers. I remember how people used to be moved to tears by the singing of our National Anthemn. I still can be. Men and boys removed their hats. Hands were placed over hearts. Sadly, I don't think that those customs are all still in place among our fellow Americans. Yes, we are the same Americans that are sending their children to war. Their husbands & wives, brothers & sisters. To fight for our freedom so that we can continue to live free.
But whatever you do to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend please take at least one moment to remember our soldiers who are on soil so far away. Who are living and sleeping in conditions beyond what they are due. And for all the upcoming changes that are facing our country. The changes in leadership will affect our future and that of our children and grandchildren. PRAY for our country. That God will continue to "stand beside us and guide us through the night with the light from above." Be safe!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do you know there are hymns for people who drive on the highways? If you drive: 45mph......... God Will Take Care of You 55mph......... Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah 65mph......... Nearer My God To Thee 75mph......... Nearer Still Nearer 85mph......... This World Is Not My Home 95mph......... Lord, I'm Coming Home 100mph........ Precious Memories

There are also special hymns for certain professions:

Dentist’s Hymn: Crown Him with Many Crowns Weatherman’s Hymn: There Shall Be Showers of Blessings Contractor’s Hymn: The Church’s One Foundation Tailor’s Hymn: Holy, Holy, Holy Golfer’s Hymn: There’s a Green Hill Far Away Gossip’s Hymn: Pass It On Electrician’s Hymn: Send The Light Realtor’s Hymn: I’ve Got a Mansion, Just Over The Hilltop

I borrowed these of course!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

This is certainly harder than you can imagine! Especially for me. Have you ever known me to just use one word about anything?

Only one word can be used in your answer and it can NOT be used twice.

1. Where is your cell phone? table

2. Your significant other? Paps

3. Your hair? Messy

4. Your mother? Beautiful

5. Your father? Strong

6. Your favorite time of day? Sunset

7. Your dream last night? unremarkable

8. Your favorite drink? tea

9. Your dream goal? organization

10. The room you're in? office

11. Your ex? HUH?

12. Your fear? losses

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here

14. What you are not? perfect

15. Muffins? poppyseed

16. One of your wish list items? flooring

17. The last thing you did? Bills

18. Where you grew up? pending

19. What are you wearing? jammies

20. Your tv is ? On

21. Your pets? dead

22. Your computer? pride

23. Your life? B.L.E.S.S.E.D.

24. Your mood? lazy

25. Missing someone? kids

26. Your car? Dodge

27. Something you're not wearing? jewelry

28. Favorite store? Steinmart

29. Your summer? busy

30. Your favorite color? red

31. When is the last time you laughed? constant

32. When is the last time you cried? rarely

33. Your life? Full

34. Your children? amazing

35. Your future? open

36. Your beliefs? firm

37. Your ego? jumbled

38. Your image? crazy

39. Your appearance? gawdy

40. Would you live your life over again knowing what you know? Probably

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Don't even try to make excuses for this picture. I won't believe an excuse. I would be ashamed to try and make one.
This is not a paid public announcement by anyone. But, my opinion.