Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our church family has been struggling along these past few months without a minister. We have a bunch of talented men who stepped up and covered preaching but we still felt incomplete. On top of all that struggling one of our dearest couples/friends/family/leaders moved away and we were really reeling in self pity and pain! We miss you Connie and Don, we have survived, barely. But, we have been blessed to find a young family that wants to be part of our church family. They moved into the "parsonage" today and are so excited to get to know us all. The good and the bad of us. And we are excited too. Pray that this is the start of a great big spiritual boost that is long overdue for many of us. Mostly me!

I was so proud to get to watch Reid's game a few weeks ago. He is quite an athlete like his daddy and his Uncle Bubbie. Whatever he chooses to do, he does it excellently. Not to mention that he is handsome, polite, kind, smart. He is finishing up a great school year. He aced the TAKS, even getting the principal's recognition for his high score. He was on the student council. He plays basketball too. When he finishes school next week he'll be officially headed to MIDDLE school. I can't believe it. But, before that he is enrolled at Camp Neena and I may never let him go home. I may open up homeschool! With no math. Anything to keep him from growing up too much faster!

Then there is my little blue eyed beauty. If she is the room then there is action going on. Her smile lites up the entire room. We were so disappointed to have had to miss her fancy, foo foo, dance recital a few weekends ago. Paps was sick and we couldn't go. But, she has promised us our own private recital when she comes. Complete with music and tututs. I may rent out the rec center! HA. I know it would be well worth it. She has soaked up every single minute of Kindergarten. She is reading and writing. She was a member of the Good News Club at school. Plus, she just realized today she has 2 loose teeth and she couldn't be more excited.

Speaking of tutus. Here is my latest little lovely dancer. She has learned to walk and has not slowed down yet. So, much to explore. And she does. She is starting to talk too and it'll melt your heart. She understands whatever you say or tell her. She is going through the "mama stage" right now and it's hard to get a hug but we work around that and get lots of loving on her when she is around. She is her mommy's buddy.

And my happy little contented princess, Jaxon! She is practicing her swimming skills for her turn at Camp Neena. She also has that million dollar smile and a contagious little belly laugh. And those eyes? OH MY. She's getting the teeth that her cousin Macy is losing! It won't be long and she'll be up and running with her cousin Avery.

Hopefully, my summer will be full of hugs, kisses and lots of visiting back and forth. And gas prices? For the love of Mike, not even that will keep me away from my babies!


Giggi said...

Precious, precious babies. We are blessed! They are getting big too fast, but I'm sure they are going to enjoy every minute of Camp Neena this summer & for many more! Love ya'll!

The Doty's Dish said...

Jaxon can't wait to come up for camp neena! when are sign ups? is there an age limit...incase i want to join?!

SweetAnnee said...

What precious grands.
You really are blessed with
such sweeties.

I love the ball games, the recitals and all that goes along
with them.

I'll get my swimming, dancing and balls skills perfected and head to
Camp Neena myself.

Ashley said...

Camp Neena is fun!

Kellianne said...

can i come to camp neena? I neeed a break from work! Looks like everything is going well! I love catching up on your life while reading your blog!!! I hope you continue to have a great summer Neena!