Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do you know there are hymns for people who drive on the highways? If you drive: 45mph......... God Will Take Care of You 55mph......... Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah 65mph......... Nearer My God To Thee 75mph......... Nearer Still Nearer 85mph......... This World Is Not My Home 95mph......... Lord, I'm Coming Home 100mph........ Precious Memories

There are also special hymns for certain professions:

Dentist’s Hymn: Crown Him with Many Crowns Weatherman’s Hymn: There Shall Be Showers of Blessings Contractor’s Hymn: The Church’s One Foundation Tailor’s Hymn: Holy, Holy, Holy Golfer’s Hymn: There’s a Green Hill Far Away Gossip’s Hymn: Pass It On Electrician’s Hymn: Send The Light Realtor’s Hymn: I’ve Got a Mansion, Just Over The Hilltop

I borrowed these of course!


Giggi said...

That's a good one! I needed a laugh! Was good to talk to you tonight. Love you, Sissie!

Snapshot said...

That's hilarious!

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Hummmm, this looks vaguely familiar to me! Hope all is going well for you and yours this week! Blessings!

Hollie Reese said...

What is a stay at home mom's hymn?

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Maybe the stay at home mom's hymn is "tempted and tried" but I guess the real name of that one is Farther Along. Have to keep working on that one!

"I shall not be moved" maybe?

SweetAnnee said...

Too Funny..wonder what I'll be singing today
out with friends to celebrate tomorrow.
Lovingly, deena

Giggi said...

Hollie, here's one for you -- Savior Grant Me Rest & Peace

SweetAnnee said...

Stopping in to say hello
and that I'm happy to be home
and cozy..
good weather day tomorrow
I'll be napping in the hammock