Tuesday, March 31, 2009

See that beautiful smile? That is my mother. That smile is what holds our family together. That and the humongous, loving, generous, giving, humble-spirited, caring, happy, free spirited, pleasant, positive, "never says a bad word about anything or anybody", heart that beats inside her. She is our rock. That man? My daddy absolutely adores her. I could tell you that he tells her everyday at least 100 times that he loves her. I could tell you that he leaves a quarter on her nightstand every night for her hard work. I could tell you that instead of a chocolate on her pillow, she gets a Hall's cough drop. Those are all true statements and a few of the ways, in his witty way, that he conveys his love for his bride of 67 years.

But, right now, today we find out that her physical heart is not working too well. Some of the tests that were run over the weekend showed that sometime in the past few months/weeks/days she has suffered a rather significant heart attack. We sort of have an idea now that are looking back as to when it happened but can't be sure. We just know that it happened. The plan for now is to proceed with a cardiac catherization to strengthen any areas that were not affected by the event. In other words, if there are any blockages they will stent them and if there are any other areas that can be seen that need repairs they will do that. But, basically what has been damaged is damaged. After that procedure, she will participate in a cardiac rehab program to build up her heart muscles.

So, please pray for her as we prepare for Thursday's surgery. Family is coming in to be with each other. Everyone, I mean everyone, loves this woman. I feel certain that we will receive our mother's heart repaired and healthy. In Daddy's words to the dr. , "She needs to get back to her mowing obligations!" And she has never mowed a day in her life.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I changed my mind. I did have something to say after all.

I go into the CITY tomorrow for my 6 months nuclear cardio study, which was moved up a couple of months, so more like 3 months. Prayers are coveted. Thank you very much.

Then after that 3 hour ordeal I am headed for a much needed girls night out. Two of my friends, from SHS days, and I are headed out to Nancy's weekend home on the lake. A little shopping, dinner out, alot of laughing and relaxing on the deck are just what I need.

Not to mention that shopping sacks make me happy. Very happy.

Today? Believe it or not. "Not" for those who know me.
I have nothing to say.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Not a grandchild. At least of mine. Can you say "U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi" ?

Now, this is beautiful. Yes, this is mine.

Beautiful too. But, some serious bed head.

A little cousin love.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring break used to thrill me. Now, everyday is spring break and my "kids" have to go school. Something is wrong with this! So, I taught my innocent babes how to play hooky yesterday.

I got to Houston in time on Monday night to watch Rooster as the starting pitcher for the Twins. He pitched his way to a team victory.

Obviously, this gal has some serious dry skin issues.

Yes, sireeee. I took my babies to the zoo.

A little spring grooming going

on here! Just be glad you

don't have to eat your

"mates" mites.

Tiny Princess didn't like this exhibit and wanted to move on to the crocodillios.

Avery doing a little "fish watching" while waiting for chicken strips and fries.

OH puhhhhhleeeezzz. Get this girl a pedicure.

My favorite eerie scene. The jelly fish under black light.

I will never go past the ankles at the beach again. EVER.

My next trip back will be to watch this prima ballerina perform. It's worth all 4 hours sitting in the auditorium to watch the 3 minute dance. But, this year as a special treat, her mommy, along with 40 other mommies will be tapping together in a dance. Yes, my 36 year old baby bought some tap shoes. This girl can move.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

A post of extreme contentment and rest. I am headed off to bed after a wonderful day. We slept in and then stayed in until after lunch. Then decided it was time to run to Walmart. We chased around in there picking up odds and ends.. Came home and grilled burgers outside. Nana and Poppi joined us. Now it's time for bed because we lose an hour of sleep.....THANKS DST. I'll pay for that for the next month! Tomorrow is a roast lunch with all the trimmings. A lazy afternoon after that.

Jaxon is learning her way around Neena's and we are loving having her, She is one of those amazing children that is just so much fun to be with me. Monday we are headed to Houston to watch cousins take swimming lessons, tap dance and play baseball. Can NOT wait.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Avery has been gone for just 24 hours and I'm already lonesome. But, as usual, things are picking up around here. The D bunch is on their way tomorrow to spend Spring Break! Then, "insert excited face", JD and Jaxon are going to stay for a few weeks. I have not seen them since Christmas. TOO LONG. I get to love on them exclusively. I get to pat JD's sweet belly and talk to my newest granddaughter. She can hear me now or so the Baby experts say. She will know my voice before July 3rd! We hope to spend the next few weeks doing all kinds of fun things. That will def include a trip to H town to visit all the cousins. We hope to see Riley and Brooks, and of course their mommy and daddy. Cade???? Wouldn't that be exciting timing! ( OK, Aunt Kellianne & Aunt Danni...you too, I'll share!) We hope to catch Reid's ballgames and some of Macy's adventures. Of course, cousin Avery will be along for the ride too when we go.

You know how happy Neena is when all her "chicks" are in the nest. WAY WAY WAY happy!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This blog world just gets smaller. I have asked you before to pray for friends I have never met, Jenny and Brad Wims and their children. Brad has been battling cancer for 2 years now. And man was he in a battle. His little bit of a wife never left his side while still comforting their children, parents, families and the expansive blog world that she kept posted.

Brad passed away yesterday. He had known that this time was coming. You should not have die when you are just starting your life. His Christian example was evident to all....his church family rallied around him continously. His friends played cards and games with him until the end. Their home ( and that is what it is ) was filled with family and friends for months as they embraced the ending of Brad's life. They literally surrounded him.

You can link off the side of my blog to Faith, Family and Friendships and read about this exceptional family.

His little boy, Zeke, today said he thinks his Daddy is running and breathing in Heaven. I think so too, Zeke. I think so too.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Just an update to let everyone know that the wildfires are settling down in our area. If the winds will cease we should be able to hear they are contained soon. With our EXTREME drought conditions this scene has been a worry to all for sometime. Yesterdays unusually high winds made it all worse....much worse. Law enforcement patrolled door to door checking on citizens for miles. They came through our driveway too. Although we were advised to be on stand by for a probable mandatory evacuation of our home last night, we were able to stay home. We sat outside until dark watching the helicopters loaded with water going back and forth to the scenes. I say scenes because it was miles and miles long and deep through the woods and home areas. At last count close to 30 homes have been lost and countless acres of farmland, miles alongside our State Park ( unknown how the park was affected ) and unknown wildlife and livestock. Our church, along with other churches in town, and the City Recreational center are hosting families who are displaced from their homes. We had good friends who lost their homes and everything. As I sat out in the yard last night listening to sirens, ambulances, and helicopters I thought about seriously what I would grab if I had to leave. I started out with a very long list.....yes almost everything, including Christmas ornaments but when it all came down to it? I just would have gotton my purse and left. That's it. There is not one thing that I place that much value into and if you know me and how much I love my home and my pretties, then you know that's something for me. Seriously. The panic around here yesterday just made me imagine what the war torn areas of our world that deal with panic and crisis on a daily/minute by minute basis and how brave our soldiers ( and firefighters ) are. I still hear all the choppers in the distance as I type but I am safe and sound. And blessed. This world is not my home anyway.

Here is a blurb off the Austin news web:
Highway 71 is open after a fire consumed more than 650 acres in Bastrop County and destroyed homes and businesses.

Crews are still fighting hot spots near Highway 71 between Bastrop and Smithville. But firefighters are estimating only 50 percent of the fire is contained.

At least 23 homes and structures were burned to the ground. Plus three businesses and four vehicles were also destroyed.

The wildfire charred 650 acres, and 150 homes had to be evacuated.

The fire started at about 12:30 Saturday afternoon after strong winds knocked down power lines.

Law enforcement shut down Highway 71 at Mcallister and turned motorists around.

Crews fought the blaze from the air and the ground, and say drought conditions and high winds made their job that much more difficult.

Bastrop County Judge Ronnie McDonald declared a disaster for Bastrop County. That allows the county to receive federal aid to fight the fire.

One fire fighter was treated for smoke inhilation. No other injuries have been reported.