Saturday, March 31, 2007

Everyone Needs A Sallie

Some things just make me happy. My Sallie is one of those "things". She is a character as you can tell my the pictures. There are about 8 of us from our local congregation that hold Sunday morning Bible class at the local retirement home. When I volunteered to participate little did I know the joy and the happiness I would soon find. It's been over 2 years now that we have gone. Like "clockwork" we are there every Sunday at 9:30 AM. They are watching and waiting for us. They are up, dressed, and "wheeling" themselves, or being wheeled by one of us to come to Sunday School. Sallie usually seeks me out but we can't always sit together because I get tickled or she gets tickled. The world is a playground to Sallie. She walks around, pretty much unmonitored, but comfortable in her surroundings. She carries around an unlit cigarette. She doesn't mind it isn't lit. She "pretends". She whispers things in my ear that to her are all too clear and vivid. I know though that those things never happened. She imagines to see people. Oh there are some really good stories about Sallie. Some you wouldn't believe. She is my partner though. I look forward to seeing her everyweek. The only negative thing about this ministry that I have been able to find is that almost each week we come to find that someone has passed away. It is so sad for us. We have gotton to know them so well. I still look for one friend I called MamMaw and I still miss holding her hand during service. I know I'll miss Sallie. I hope God keeps her around here for a long time.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


What started out as an I might turned into a great big IT'S TOO LATE NOW. I officially turned in my intent of retirement effective June 10th. I plan on being done and closed out before that though. I couldn't be any more excited or scared. I spoke yesterday with my principal and we had a good talk. Then when I got home last night I emailed my "office matey" because I knew I couldn't talk to her without crying. We have worked together side by side for over 20 years. When I got to work this morning I had an email from her. So, we emailed all morning because we both agreed we'd cry if we talked about it. Then around lunch, I went over to the superintendent's office and told him. He was suprised but very understanding. I came back to the office and wrote a personal letter to each of the staff who have been my "family" for 30 years. They began flooding in all afternoon and there has been alot of shock and tears. But, it is done. No turning back.

I mentioned in my letter that I had been getting gentle heavenly nudges for some time now. Not really ignoring them and very aware of where they were coming from. It is like a light just came on and I said, ENOUGH. There are too many things I want to do. Right now I am young and healthy enough to do whatever I want. I even know what that is.........I want to wake up and think, "Hmmmm what do I want to do today?" I want to throw a suitcase in the car and head to Abilene or Houston to rock one of 4 babies. I want to sit with my mom and dad on the porch and drink iced tea. I want to pack up and go stay with my sisters and shop, and eat, and shop. I am going to rest and rest and rest. I am going to get my house in order and my health. I am going to clean out closets and cabinets. If I want. I want to volunteer to do things I like to do. I want to take lots of pictures. I want to take some road trips to visit friends who have moved away. I might even take an airplane flight all by myself !

When I started to work 30 years ago I was 25 years old with 2 precious little girls. Soon after a son was born. Since that day my life has been full of changes and responsibilities that I wouldn't trade for anything. I have been in fast mode and never looked back. All I know is that in the fall when the school bus runs by my house I won't panic and think I'm late. I'll just pour myself another cup of coffee and put in a good movie.

Friday, March 23, 2007

It's In the Water

All of these beautiful young women are somehow part of my flesh and blood....and if not flesh and blood then they are part of my soul by having married some of my flesh and blood. Got it? I claim them all and love them all dearly. This is but a small group of the immediate family cousins that gathered at my home over Christmas. They are a special group.....chosen for this pictures because they are all pregnant just weeks apart from each other. It has been so fun to watch them each change and grow. For 2 of them it is their second time around but for the other 3 , my daughter, daughter in law, and niece namesake included , it is a first. To say we are excited is an understatement. The first place prize went out to Hollie and Justin for the first arrival of this group of 5. Brooks came in February and is absolutely beautiful. So, one down. Four to go. There have been a few scary moments along the way. One of these precious "moms" has been very sick and is spending her 2nd time in the hospital since this picture was taken. She spent almost the entire month of February there and wasn't home long before she was back. And there she remains. She has a pregnancy related condition called, hyperemesis. She is very, very sick and in alot of pain. We are so worried. Please remember her in your prayers everytime you approach the "throne of God". So far the baby is doing great and seems to be growing and for that we are so thankful. We have got to Christine well so that she can enjoy this wonder of pregnancy and enjoy her husband and little son that need her too! I know that worries her because she feels so helpless. She is a very courageous young woman. Everyone around her is pitching in and helping........Then Jenna Lynn....we are waiting any minute to get a call from her that she is headed to the hospital. We were hoping our newest little girl would come last week for SPRING BREAK but she had other we still wait. Then next is my Ashley. We are ecstatically happy about this birth. It is a big healthy girl and she is due to arrive around the end of April if not sooner. If you have read my blog then you know the miraculous journey she and B have been on to become parents. Then my little precious , DIL , J.D. is giving me another granddaugher the end of June. I am counting the days for school to be out so I can go rock baby Jaxon. It's going to be a very busy next few months. Please pray for my family and all my little mommies. We will be forever grateful!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Red High Heels and Gameboys

I spent a wonderful spring break doing the things I love the best. Being with my children and grandchildren. A trip to Houston to ready the nursery of our much anticipated Possum in a few weeks then it was on to Abilene to get Jaxon's room ready for her in June. We got a great start on the room....painted the walls, the cribs together, and some other basic plans in action. I have so so much to look forward to. The kids decided to let mom return to Houston and spend the week with Neena. It was like wonderland. We played Disney Yahtzee by our own made up rules. Macy ran an Easter Egg store in the front room. After watching a morning of CMT and seeing Kellie Pickler's RED HIGH HEEL song she wore my red heels the rest of the week. She knows all the words too! She was mostly worried about why Kellie pushed that boy in the video. I "bought" lots of plastic eggs for a million dollars but she always gave me a receipt in her own 4 year old handwriting. Reid stayed nestled between GAMEBOY and Playstation 2 and no one told him to go to bed or take a shower. Okay, on day 3 I did ask him to take a shower. Macy and I put on makeup together every morning. We talked about when she grew up Neena would buy her some makeup of her own. Two make up mirrors side by side every morning. We played outside, shot some hoops, visited Nana and Poppi, went to the rec center, watched movies, went to Walmart and visited friends they've made in the 'ville. I made pancakes from scratch, "nutrious" suppers with bomb pops for dessert. Even more than one if you wanted it. We ate whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. We caught doodle bugs and put them in plastic containers and punched holes in the lids. We snuggled alot. We had no schedules. We stayed up late and slept late. Then, of all things.......their mother made them go home. I was sad. I still am. It's too quiet in this house. I need some more Easter Eggs from the Easter Egg store and those heels just don't look right on me anymore.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ahhhhhhhh Spring

The wildflowers are popping up everywhere. Spring is close, I can smell it. I can feel it. I NEED IT!