Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I've had several ask me in person, via email, and comments if I was ever going to blog again. I really had some hesitation because frankly my life is crazy. I feel like the things that I am dealing with on a personal level can't possibly be of interest to anyone else. Sometimes I even feel whiny and I don't want that.

Then on another level I have missed the contact. I was so very grateful last month when I know so many of you were on your knees praying for my mom and dad. You were praying prayers when I couldn't even find the words to start. I was literally washed out. I couldn't even put together a complete thought much less a complete sentence! Whatever lesson this has prepared me for I feel stronger. So. Thanks for caring if I update or not!

Mom is better. She is gaining strength everyday. She feels like it is slow and rightly so. But, I see the progress from different eyes. She has come so far! On her 85th birthday she endured a major major surgery and then the next week another one and then the next week another hospitalization via an ambulance ride. My sisters and I were literally running in every direction to make sure we had mother settled and Daddy at peace with how things were going. Let me tell you that it was not nor is it yet an easy job. But, we are getting there. We are having ups and downs but every moment God is continuing to guide us down the 'road'.

The family is all fine. Since I posted last we have celebrated Avery's 2nd birthday and Macy's 7th birthday. We are anxiously awaiting Jaxon's new sister Maddux to be born a few days before Jaxon's 2nd birthday in July. Camp Neena lifetime membership roster will be boosted to 5. That is a full week a piece! Or more is fine with me.

Gordon took a lateral tranfer to another LCRA facility last month. It was a great move for him personally. It is a shorter commute and is a much better working environment. It was not a raise but we are thankful for the "promotion" and the company's faith in his experience for the last 25 or so years. When this position became available we were so hopeful but also realistic that he would be the oldest candidate amidst a group of fresh out of college boys. But, experience reigned and the fact that he still has valuable lessons he can "teach" that younger generation to take over were rewarded.

I have 2 more BOOKWORM library Wednesdays. Truthfully? I am totally burned out. If it weren't for Tawana and all her hard work keeping it and me going I would have already thrown my hands up. We both have decided that this will be our last year. We loved it and have enjoyed the planning and the children but......she has 2 new granddaughters that she plans to visit alot and I am hoping that I can visit mine more too. Please feel free to slap me if I ever volunteer for anything again. Slap me hard.

For now, I think that about covers it. Stay tuned. There is never a dull or slow minute around here.