Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary you two! Four years ago tonight I know where I was and what I was thinking. I was exhausted, excited and just watching the scene unfold. All my children were there together, my family ( immediate and otherwise ) along with a couple of hundred friends and that itself was enough to make it wonderful. All the months and months of planning and organizing and dreaming were coming into action. We had already had an exciting afternoon before the wedding. Unbeknownst to the bride and groom ( we didn't want to upset them) but Macy, who was only 2 had taken some medication out of Ashley's purse thinking they were TIC TACS. They were at Walmart at the time and had to call 911. She sat in the ambulance for an hour or so and finally the EMT's deemed she was fine. The flower girl spent the night telling everyone at the wedding she took drugs! But, the most beautiful part of the wedding was at the start. Everyone was seated.....the music was playing and everyone was waiting on the bride. Especially the groom. Finally, the massive back double doors of the church spread open and the setting sun cast down the most beautiful rays into the church aisle and through J's veil. I kid you not, people gasped. It was the most amazing moment. She looked like a beautiful angel and yes, M ( my big strong son ) cried.

The past few days I have been in San Antonio with M, J, and J. Two reasons really. 1.) Mitch had to attend the Texas State Coaching School (?) and J & J were tagging along since it was their anniversary/vacation and 2.) I wanted to see them since they were only an hour away instead of the usual 5! Once football practice starts they are captive in A'town. Literally captive. GO WAR EAGLES.

But we had a blast. Can you imagine asking your mother in law to go with you on a vacation to celebrate your anniversary? By day M went to classes ( like UIL rules, plays, strategy, videography of the game ) and meetings. And we shopped, shopped, walked, talked, ate and ate and sight see'd. Thank goodness for a "cadillac" stroller with cup holders and plenty of purse/sack room. Then in the evening we would walk the three million miles back to the hotel and they would get all dressed up to go out on the town with their friends. I got J all to myself for the evening. I was in HEAVEN. San Antonio is a FUN place. There is so much to do. We didn't drive around once we parked at the hotel but there was plenty in walking distance. We would have loved to have gone to SeaWorld but the tickets are outrageous $$$ and we thought J might be a little too young yet. We'll do that next year. This year she was content to sit in my lap and give me kisses, let me love all her "sugar" off and totally entertain me. And that Shamu can never do.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

My house is quiet. Again. But, for a whole week it was mass chaos, endless giggles, night time snuggles, library books to read, serious talks, movies to watch, color books and colors, paints that left precious marks on my dining table. It was sleeping in the middle of the "worlds" biggest bed on the floor. It was teeth not brushed and hair in tangles. It was wet towels and floaties. It was popsicles for breakfast. It was the exclamation after supper one night, "Another great one Neena." It was pretend time and it was days with no schedules. No clocks. No where to be except where I was. No where I would have rather been. And I pray that no amount of time can steal these memories from me.

Monday, July 21, 2008

SUNDAY at Camp Neena was a typical Sunday. We spent most of the day going back and forth to church! We ate a yummy roast lunch over and Nana & Poppi's house and then came home. We did stop at the $ Store on the way home and picked up some things to keep us entertained. I believe we watched the BEE movie again. It was just as funny the second time. Then, believe it or not, we actually fell asleep before midnight.

MONDAY pictures will be forthcoming later.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

These pictures were actually from Day 2 but all the campers had a late night last night and we didn't get our post made! So....enjoy the fun from yesterday!

All the signs got posted at the Camp Neena entrance. We had an little late morning manicure.
The above was our afternoon grocery list. You'll be happy to know that we were able to locate all the items. We took Tucker over to visit his brother, River. They had so much fun playing puppy games. Reid is holding Tucker and Macy is wrestling River! Actually, even if you can't tell it.........Tucker was packing on a little more weight than his brother. Then Macy decided that she would take a trip somewhere exciting. Maybe, Florida she said. So, she dressed up looking like a movie star or Hanna*h M*ontana and off she went.We made a trip to the local library to check out some books on puppy training, sports and ballerinas. While we were there they checked out the memorial sidewalk out front that had a brick with their baby cousins names on it! They thought that was pretty neat. When we got home Reid gave us a few badmitton demonstrations and some techniques! He is one of our family sports experts.

Then he picked up some limbs and sticks for the brush pile we have by the creek. We are in a burn ban right now so we can't burn them. By fall, we will have a bonfire if we don't get some rain. POOR TUCKER. He was all "tuckered" out after our busy day.

TODAY? We have plans for swimming of course. Then some crafts. We are going to watch the BEE movie. Dinner at LC ( for all you locals ) and a big frog and lizard hunt tonight. We have the tank ready! This is Macy's quest not brother's! She is not afraid at all!
UPDATE: Already caught one toad in the flower bed and it's not even 5 PM. She talked baby talk to him and wanted to kiss him but I suggested against it. Not unless I had thought the whole "kiss a frog" theory was real would I have allowed that. Even then it would have been questionable.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


WE are happy to let everyone know that Camp Neena is in SESSION. I picked up my THREE special campers last night. I was so excited to pick them up. You are wondering why I said three? Because, Tucker is here too! I met their Mom and Dad halfway last night and we loaded up all the necessities and headed off to the 'ville which is Camp Headquarters. We spent the night last night at Nana and Poppi's just to make it special. I wish I had a picture of our sleeping "pile". We pulled out the sofa bed. I slept in the middle and we all fell asleep laughing about Macy getting school shoes at the Dollar Store. No offense intended if you get your shoes at the Dollar Store but she wants some Shox. Which are pretty cool shoes, I hear. We were all snuggled together. After they fell asleep I just stared off in the dark and thought "It doesn't get any better than this!" Well, maybe if Avery and Jaxon could have been in our "pile" it would have been super better.
Today at lunch we had BBQ from Z's. The best place ever. Macy set the table and this sign adorned the middle.

After guessed it. We jumped in the pool and stayed in all afternoon. Until our toes and hands were all wrinkled and pruney.

Then look here! It's Rooster! He showed us all how he could dive and scuba. We floated awhile until the diving ( off the step ) exhibition started.

As you can see Tucker wasn't very happy he couldn't get in the pool too. Diving Olympics look out!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

WHAT TO DO .......WHAT TO DO........ WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I am still contemplating this "closing" my blog to private and deciding if it really is a security concern. I really, really have been thinking about it alot. Of course, I want to do what is safe and right for my own family and their privacy first and foremost. But, let's face it. I don't have alot to say usually. We are not high profile people ...... we are just your average "run of mill", normal- middle class, hardworking, lots of loving families. I respect people's privacy as much as the next guy. And I know that all of you who have expressed a desire to read my blog choose to do so either because you are bored out of your mind or because you see a likeness in our faith, our lifestyles, maybe our hurts and our happy times. I like the idea that you realize that I do have unusually beautiful babies in my family! Perhaps in the world and you don't hold that against me. LOL. Truly. I don't mind that at all. I like making new friends on here and I like when we can comment back and forth. I have made some really sweet and REAL friends. Friends that think like I do. They were raised similiar to me. Someone I would call to come over for dinner if I knew the number. Like Deena, "Pretty in Pink". If could I would go visit her in a heartbeat. And Snapshot. I want her to come to my house for a week and give me a Cooking Course for my HEART condition so that I can learn to eat healthy and cook healthy. I don't want to read it out of a cookbook. I want her to come here and show me! If Ree called me from Pioneer Woman to be a judge in the upcoming Cowboy Bachelor, I'd be there too. I've read stories of families who have buckled under tragedies and the blogworld hammered the gates of Heaven with prayers for strangers we didn't even know. Families who have lost loved ones to to the sting of death. Young mothers, fathers, and children. Accidents, illnesses, and other tragedies. We pray together on line for total strangers and then we read their blogs daily to see of changes and updates. Then we stay in contact and prayers continue. I have read many stories of mothers, much like my own daughter, who had to deal with infertility issues and eventually bury baby sons and others daughters. We prayed for them like they offered prayers up for us. When I write about a need, be it serious or light, I am convinced that my blogfriends know what to do. I don't know their phone numbers. Their cell numbers or their addresses. But, I know I can contact them through here and have and answer from someone in lightning speed. I like the idea that when I have a need and I write it out of a genuine heart that you will know about it and respond to me. I love the comments. I wish all lurkers made comments. To me it is like making new friends everyday. I like knowing that you know enough about to realize when I ask for a prayer or have a need that you care...... And trust me. I will have a need. The other fact that worries me about closing this and making it "invite only "is, I'll lose some of the people that may have never commented but for some reason they found a moment of time to relate to something I said or felt. So, with that being said. I will use discretion and study the matter for awhile before making a final decision to close it. If my family wants me to leave their personal photos off, then I will respect that and leave them off. Give me some time to make this decision. You know how I am when backed up against a wall. I realize I can't please everyone so I just stay on the wall. I want to do what's best and right for all.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I have decided to take my blog to a "invite only" status. Obviously not for the hundreds of readers I have but for overly cautious and psychotic reasons of privacy for my babies and family. And because Ashley suggested it. The reasons are really pretty clear cut. If you blog, go on to the google bar and put in your blogs name. Then hit the "images" and watch all the pictures of your life pull up. It's kind of like googling the map to your house. Creepy. So, just leave a comment if you want me to include you in my list of readers. I've lost contact with some of my friends who have done this and I don't want to lose you if you like to see my blog.

Monday, July 07, 2008




But these weren't the only family babies this year! We proudly present the rest of the FABULOUS FIVE.

l to r:

Brooks Reese Sam

Sunday, July 06, 2008

This is how I plan to spend Monday. Notice the smile she has? I may not have that. Notice the eagerness with which she appears to start her projects? I may not have that either. Any suggestions?