Saturday, July 19, 2008

These pictures were actually from Day 2 but all the campers had a late night last night and we didn't get our post made! So....enjoy the fun from yesterday!

All the signs got posted at the Camp Neena entrance. We had an little late morning manicure.
The above was our afternoon grocery list. You'll be happy to know that we were able to locate all the items. We took Tucker over to visit his brother, River. They had so much fun playing puppy games. Reid is holding Tucker and Macy is wrestling River! Actually, even if you can't tell it.........Tucker was packing on a little more weight than his brother. Then Macy decided that she would take a trip somewhere exciting. Maybe, Florida she said. So, she dressed up looking like a movie star or Hanna*h M*ontana and off she went.We made a trip to the local library to check out some books on puppy training, sports and ballerinas. While we were there they checked out the memorial sidewalk out front that had a brick with their baby cousins names on it! They thought that was pretty neat. When we got home Reid gave us a few badmitton demonstrations and some techniques! He is one of our family sports experts.

Then he picked up some limbs and sticks for the brush pile we have by the creek. We are in a burn ban right now so we can't burn them. By fall, we will have a bonfire if we don't get some rain. POOR TUCKER. He was all "tuckered" out after our busy day.

TODAY? We have plans for swimming of course. Then some crafts. We are going to watch the BEE movie. Dinner at LC ( for all you locals ) and a big frog and lizard hunt tonight. We have the tank ready! This is Macy's quest not brother's! She is not afraid at all!
UPDATE: Already caught one toad in the flower bed and it's not even 5 PM. She talked baby talk to him and wanted to kiss him but I suggested against it. Not unless I had thought the whole "kiss a frog" theory was real would I have allowed that. Even then it would have been questionable.


Snapshot said...

You are the coolest and youngest looking Grandmother I know of!
I am SO jealous of Camp Neena

Heather said...

I miss my babies!! I know they are having so much fun! I wish I was at Camp Neena. You are so fun and they love every minute of it!

Giggi said...

Good times at Camp Neena! Reid looks so old sitting on the tractor, and Macy does look just like HM. I bet she can sing like her, too. It's in the genes! Wish I could come and get my nails done! Love you guys!

The Doty's Dish said...

Tucker is HUGE!! He is already almost as big as Macy! Have I ever told you that your self portrait at the top of your blog looks like an author's picture on the back of a should go write something use that picture for your book cover!

jody said...

I want to be a camper, too. Next year let's have cousins camp and we'll all come! Love y'all...jojo