Thursday, July 17, 2008


WE are happy to let everyone know that Camp Neena is in SESSION. I picked up my THREE special campers last night. I was so excited to pick them up. You are wondering why I said three? Because, Tucker is here too! I met their Mom and Dad halfway last night and we loaded up all the necessities and headed off to the 'ville which is Camp Headquarters. We spent the night last night at Nana and Poppi's just to make it special. I wish I had a picture of our sleeping "pile". We pulled out the sofa bed. I slept in the middle and we all fell asleep laughing about Macy getting school shoes at the Dollar Store. No offense intended if you get your shoes at the Dollar Store but she wants some Shox. Which are pretty cool shoes, I hear. We were all snuggled together. After they fell asleep I just stared off in the dark and thought "It doesn't get any better than this!" Well, maybe if Avery and Jaxon could have been in our "pile" it would have been super better.
Today at lunch we had BBQ from Z's. The best place ever. Macy set the table and this sign adorned the middle.

After guessed it. We jumped in the pool and stayed in all afternoon. Until our toes and hands were all wrinkled and pruney.

Then look here! It's Rooster! He showed us all how he could dive and scuba. We floated awhile until the diving ( off the step ) exhibition started.

As you can see Tucker wasn't very happy he couldn't get in the pool too. Diving Olympics look out!


Snapshot said...

Oh how I envy Camp Neena participants. I want to come over!!!

Giggi said...

How fun. I love Camp Neena.

paul said...

Woo hoo! I love camp!