Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary you two! Four years ago tonight I know where I was and what I was thinking. I was exhausted, excited and just watching the scene unfold. All my children were there together, my family ( immediate and otherwise ) along with a couple of hundred friends and that itself was enough to make it wonderful. All the months and months of planning and organizing and dreaming were coming into action. We had already had an exciting afternoon before the wedding. Unbeknownst to the bride and groom ( we didn't want to upset them) but Macy, who was only 2 had taken some medication out of Ashley's purse thinking they were TIC TACS. They were at Walmart at the time and had to call 911. She sat in the ambulance for an hour or so and finally the EMT's deemed she was fine. The flower girl spent the night telling everyone at the wedding she took drugs! But, the most beautiful part of the wedding was at the start. Everyone was seated.....the music was playing and everyone was waiting on the bride. Especially the groom. Finally, the massive back double doors of the church spread open and the setting sun cast down the most beautiful rays into the church aisle and through J's veil. I kid you not, people gasped. It was the most amazing moment. She looked like a beautiful angel and yes, M ( my big strong son ) cried.

The past few days I have been in San Antonio with M, J, and J. Two reasons really. 1.) Mitch had to attend the Texas State Coaching School (?) and J & J were tagging along since it was their anniversary/vacation and 2.) I wanted to see them since they were only an hour away instead of the usual 5! Once football practice starts they are captive in A'town. Literally captive. GO WAR EAGLES.

But we had a blast. Can you imagine asking your mother in law to go with you on a vacation to celebrate your anniversary? By day M went to classes ( like UIL rules, plays, strategy, videography of the game ) and meetings. And we shopped, shopped, walked, talked, ate and ate and sight see'd. Thank goodness for a "cadillac" stroller with cup holders and plenty of purse/sack room. Then in the evening we would walk the three million miles back to the hotel and they would get all dressed up to go out on the town with their friends. I got J all to myself for the evening. I was in HEAVEN. San Antonio is a FUN place. There is so much to do. We didn't drive around once we parked at the hotel but there was plenty in walking distance. We would have loved to have gone to SeaWorld but the tickets are outrageous $$$ and we thought J might be a little too young yet. We'll do that next year. This year she was content to sit in my lap and give me kisses, let me love all her "sugar" off and totally entertain me. And that Shamu can never do.

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Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Where did you guys stay? Were you down by the riverwalk or out on the west end? Glad you enjoyed our city. When we were moving down from Va, my daughter was just 2 yrs old and both sets of her grandparents came down (one set the first few days and then the reinforcements came the last of the week)and kept her while we looked for houses. They still talk about how much fun they all had that week.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh I've missed you..
I must say you and baby
look so beautiful
Hope all is well
your friend, deena

Giggi said...

Glad ya'll had a fun trip! I do love San Antonio, but mostly I'm glad you got a chance to love on J. (J & M, too). Can't believe they've already been married 4 years! Time does fly by!