Tuesday, August 05, 2008

BIRTHDAYS. This is the month for most of our family birthdays. Seriously. Every week we have one, two or three celebrating! Yesterday began the insanity with my son-in-love Troy's birthday. Followed closely today with my dear daughter Ashley's. Then tomorrow is my nephew, Matt's. Next week on the 11th we will be honoring my Daddy's 86th. Followed close behind on the 15th with daughter-in-love JD's. Then, the day we have been waiting for on the 18th....my "baby" Rooster's birthday. He'll be 12 and I can NOT believe it. On the 28th JorJor ( or Nunya, as Reese calls her ) will be celebrating. Isn't that crazy?
On one of the most memorable nights in my life, the 5th though, Laura Ashley came into our lives. Just as loud and unscheduled as she always is and stealing the hearts of everyone along the way. Always having to make an entrance and throwing plans out of the way, that's my girl. We were down to the last day of the annual VBS in our little congregation. I was exhausted. The grand finale program was the next day. Little did I know I would be having my own ceremony! About 6 of the younger moms ( me, then! ) had picked up the week's program and were all teaching classes, doing the crafts and running the JOYBUS to pick up kids all over town. It wasn't unusual to have over 100 just for one day. We were still worshipping in our little "almost one room" church with the wooden floors and pews. The one where you had to lift up the floor under the preacher to get to the baptistry. Remember? Kids and adults were everywhere because there was no where else to go along that little street. Trying to get everyone out of the parking lot, the bus loaded, and everyone gone for the day. One more day of VBS to go! If you know me, you know that VBS is not on of my favorite activities! I am not sure why because I feel like it is an important one. Anyway, I was the one waddling around in the August heat carrying 28 pounds that I hadn't seen since I had done this before in 1973. Hot, cranky, fat, uncomfortable, achy and hungry. I was ready for it to be over. As usual, I went home with my mom so I could lie down and she would watch Heather. I was spoiled like that. Still am. Later in the afternoon I knew that I was feeling fatter, more uncomfortable and more achy than usual. Sure enough, all those trips to the bathroom confirmed there was no stopping now. My water had broken. We called the hubster to tell him to stay at work ( it was on the way to the hospital ) and that Mom Heather and I, would be "flying" by to get him. The plan was that I would pick him up and we'd proceed on and Heather and Mom would ride back in his vehicle and come into Austin later. Mother drove of course and flying wasn't an exaggeration. Sure enough it wasn't a false trip. Around 7PM my favorite OB stopped by to tell me I had just interrupted his supper of home fried chicken and potatoes. Too bad, I said. We had important work to do here. And we did. Not the birthing part but the baby part. I couldn't wait to meet the new addition to our family. We didn't know the girl/boy part back in the 70's. So, it was just another suprise when the black haired/ black eyed baby girl came into our lives. Along with a most proud little blonde haired sister! To say she was an added blessing is an absolute truth. I loved the idea of two girls to play with! To say she changed our lives is an understatement. We have not had a dull day since 1976. And we have never had so much fun. Happy Birthday Ashley! I love you.
I wish they were all close enough so that we could have a huge cake. But, it might be a fire hazard if we added up all the years of candles. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PRECIOUS FAMILY BIRTHDAY HONOREES!


Ashley said...

I should have had my own birthday post. You did birth me, ya know. That trumps everyone else. Well except for Poppi because without him you wouldn't be here. ha ha ha!

Love you

Snapshot said...

Happy Birthday to the Neena's Nest folks!

Anonymous said...

How well I remember that day. And to say she has added so much joy to our family in so many ways would be an understatement. Heather thought you were the best thing in life then---and we all kinda tended to feel like that and still do. You have certainly made life more interesting in my life and I would not not change a minute of it. And now we have Avery to take over and I believe she will brighten our life as much as you did. Any way she is already showing us who she is. We love you. Poppi and Nana

Giggi said...

Happy birthday Ash! We love you bunches!

The Doty's Dish said...

happy birthday to all and to all a good birthday!

SweetAnnee said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!
Enjoy them all.!