Wednesday, August 13, 2008

As with everything I attempt and I mean EVERYTHING it ends up being way more than I had initially planned. I have really do have such good intentions. I pick the best paints and always buy GOOD brushes. That paint color is Toffee Crunch and it's on the walls. Color is VERY IMPORTANT. But my good intentions, they never seem to turn out that way. And this curse drivels down into all aspects of my life. Not just home projects. As noted a few days ago, I began a massive indoor painting project that had been needed to be done for Y.E.A.R.S. So far, the prepping I( the most important part of the project has gone well. I have taped and taped and taped. The paint cans I try to so carefully pour from and seal back up start looking like these. PAINT is everywhere. But, I am actually getting very good at prepping. Then when the actual painting starts is when the nightmare starts. I am a maniac. No matter how many times I gently wipe my brush into the bucket or re roll my rolller to get off excess I still have about 30 extra pounds of paint that go flying all over. This project was a 2 coater too. I've had to stop to do some second coats on the baseboards and I ran out of paint for the main color. I figured that I painted 8 1/2 hours on Friday and 11 hours on Saturday. My sweet daughters finished up a few door facings and "furdowns" over the windows for me. But, I rested Sunday, Monday and today. Mainly because I ran out of paint but actually because even when I stand on the tip top of the ladder I still cannot reach the vaulted corners. So, as soon as hubby takes pity on me. (? Not looking good ) I'll finish. I have one more massive piece of furniture to move and I'll be done. There are somethings I just can't do dang it.! So, I'm off to paint myself into a corner until I get help. And it better come soon. Otherwise, I'm in this corner for a long time. And I may start liking it.

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