Friday, August 29, 2008

Several have asked about Tucker! THANKS. He is doing better. He has rallied although he still has a ways to go to regain his strength and weight. He was a very sick puppy. The vet still says that we have to get him 100% before he can finish his vaccinations. The kids are loving on him 24/7 and TLC is the best medicine of all, don't you agree? We were so happy to see his tail wagging and to hear him bark. The yard is off limits for long term visits and quarantined too because the virus still lives there! Creepy! Plus, the dreaded Sago palms are still back there. It's going to take a crane to get those babies out of the yard! The only known chemical to kill the parvo virus is CLOROX. Of course, he can go out to do his "business" but in he comes. Thank goodness for the trusty "pooper scooper". The tiles stay 'cloroxed' where he stays. I think he has decided he likes the air conditioning too! If you lived in Texas you would too!

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SweetAnnee said...

Yippee for Tucker!!
I'm glad he's better..