Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've said it before. Some things just bear repeating. I was born to be a mother. I am not happy unless my nest is full of commotion and my feathers are all ruffled from love. The problem with living in BIG old Texas is that it is hard to get everyone in the nest at the same time. Seriously though, on Friday another one of those WILD August birthdays rolled around in our family. It was JD's birthday and I wasn't there ( on the other side of Texas ) to share cake with her.....I actually don't know if we have ever actually been together on her real birthday but we celebrated it together in San Antonio a few weeks ago with a shopping trip and lots of fun. I didn't actually "give real birth" to her. She is my daughter in law. But, I detest that title. To me it just conjures up all kinds of evil and wicked visions of in-law jokes and people that are forced to be family. I am happy to say that is not the case with my in law children. Not my sons or daughter. I totally and absolutely adore and love them all. Having JD in my life just sort of completed that circle of happiness for our family. I am sure the first time she met me she thought, HEAVEN HELP ME! But, how could she have known that I had been praying for her all of her life. I never knew she existed in reality until 5 years ago. I never saw that beautiful face or heard her contagious laugh. I had never even really imagined how beautiful a bride she would be as she took my son's hand. I hadn't really realized how I would feel when I stood outside that delivery room door and waited to hear that she was OK and my tiny princess was safely here. I had never snuggled on the couch with her and watched a million episodes of GILMORE GIRLS in our pajamas. I had never talked and talked and talked with her. I didn't know her cell phone by memory or have it on my speed dial. I didn't talk to her almost everyday. My other daughters didn't know that they would be getting another bestest friend. And I didn't either. At least not yet. But, I knew she was out there somewhere. I knew the girl that I wanted to love my son and be my daughter was finding her way to us. She is the last piece of the puzzle for our family tree. Now that I have her, she has blessed me beyond measure. She has given me a beautiful granddaughter. She is the most awesome wife and mother. She knows that my door is always open. I'll always switch over to take her call. I'll never EVER betray her confidences or our talks. I'll always be her listening ear or her shoulder to lean on. I'll always try to give my advice ONLY when asked for. I'll never reject her advice to me. I'll always take her advice on books and movies! I'll never ever take her for granted or wish she was "like someone else". I love her just like she was, is and always will be. My son's wife. My daughter in love. Happy Birthday Jennifer Dawn. I LOVE YOU!


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

What a sweet tribute to your daughter in love. She is a blessed woman to have such a loving Mother in love.

SweetAnnee said...

What a great word..Daughter in Love..I have one of those..

You are such a great mom and woman..Love to you!!! Deena

The Doty's Dish said...

Thank you. a couple days late...but none the less...thank you.

RazorFamilyFarms said...

Why can't you be my mother-in-law/love??? Mine does not share your philosophy at all! This is my very first visit to your blog and I am in tears. What a beautiful post!