Saturday, December 31, 2005


They say "it ain't over til the fat lady sings".... and I do believe that she is singing. The New Year is fast approaching and I am excited for the first time in a few years to see it coming. Yes, I will see myself turn another year older ( very thankfully ) and I will be another year deeper in debt, thanks ACU ( sing it Tennessee Ernie Ford ). But, for some reason I feel like I have a clean slate. I just want to start out ready to face the challenges of life that lie ahead. I have a new boss at work. We have a new minister at church. I have a new attitude about the way I want to face things. I am tired of being God's stubborn child. I want to study more and more about what God wants me to do with the rest of my life not what I want to do. He gave me a new chance on September 26, 2001 to serve Him and I didn't take Him up on it. I think I took about 34 years backward. I want to learn how to give it all to Him and stop trying to save the world myself. I don't want to sweat the small stuff anymore. After 53 years I am ready to try it God's way. Mine hasn't been working. I know that I have been in church 3 X a week since I was born. I know that I know the words to every hymn in the Songs Of Praise Hymnal and the blue one before that. Iknow that I went to every VBS for 18 years straight. I know that I can tell a Bible story without a script. I know that I can finish a preacher's sentence and scripture word for word. I may not remember the chapter but I know the words. I know that I can pray a prayer that will bring you to your knees and leave you in tears. I know that I can stand up in a crowd of ladies and give a 30 minute ad lib motivational talk. I know that I do many good deeds every day. I also know that none of that counts if what is in my heart isn't right. If you read my "About Me" on the right, it said it all......I liken myself to a ship wandering the seas......yada yada yada. Well, I see the lighthouse. I know the way home. Don't worry. I don't plan to start whacking people over the head with my hardbound Bible but I do know that I have a strong desire to finally serve a Saviour that has promised to lighten my load. Trust me. It needs to be lightened. I hope this New Year is an inspirational journey for you as well. There really is no other way to be happy and at peace.

On another note.......the holidays were wonderful. All my 6 children, grandchildren, my sisters/bros in law, all my neices & nephews (except Matty P , Christine, & Jack who were missed ) were here along with my wonderful, precious, and gracious parents. Reid and Macy were precious and so excited. We all just stared at beautiful Riley with the sweetest spirit and the biggest smile. She never left anyone's arms. The stories, the ballgames, the sports trivia, the chaos, the noise, the food, the laughs....... I just sat back and savored all the love in one room and glowed with happiness. I am so blessed. I loved it all. I didn't want it to end. It was another awakening to me that I feel like I have missed. Just to feel so blessed and count it. Not to take it all for granted. Life goes too quickly. This is NOT a dress rehearsal. This is the real thing. Sing on fat lady. God Bless you all in 2006.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Rested, Revived, Raring, Ready and Relentlessly Rambling

Amazing what a day off from work can do. Not to mention that I have until January 2 to relish in vacation. I find it hard to believe that this time next week the paper will be out for BFI along with boxes ( hopefully no one's money envelopes!) and Christmas dinner dishes will be in the dishwasher. I heard someone comment the other day that whoever made the comment "Slow as Christmas" must not have been a woman. That is the truth. Somehow, as it seems in alot of venues of life, the holidays seems to be woman's work. Most men, at least from my generation and before, don't seem to get seriously into this preparation for events thing. It is like to them, what happens just happens. do you think it happens? I mentioned before that I am a list maker. I have to to be to make it happen. Now, ( OH MY!!! ) I don't make lists, I also make folders for my lists. Does this mean something bad? Somebody slap me when I start putting rubber bands around my wallet. Now I am not bragging but I put alot of work into making things just right and special. In picking just the right gift for the right person. I know that is not what it is all about and I don't mean to imply that. I truly celebrate the season in all it's glory. I just know that I come from some VERY high strung genes that make it necessary for me to do things that way. If things run smoothly then my ADD stays in check! It isn't to imply that if you don't you are wrong. I envy people that are able to pull things off so amazingly with little planning. Does that make sense? I better run so I can start my New Year's Resolution list along with my folder for 2006 Improvement Ideas.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Too Pooped To Pop

I have no earthly idea who came up with that saying but I totally relate. What is up? I finally finished all the decorating and cleaning. My house smells like a giant gingerbread factory. I have 99% of my shopping done and presents wrapped under the tree. I only have 1 more day until I am out for 2 weeks for Christmas break. We actually have only 1/2 day on Friday. I should be doing handstands and cartwheels. Except I never could do them before even on the playground. I am too tired to care. I don't like feeling OLD! The cookie swap with all my church "sisters" went great last night although no one really went all out as they usually do with the cookie decorating. I think they are all pooped too! We did however, have a great time laughing and eating. I am so blessed. I have already made plans to do NOTHING on Saturday. I may even stay in my PJ's all day and drink coffee. Doesn't that sound heavenly? I took the afternoon off tomorrow and am taking Mother to San Marcos to shop. It will lower key than going into Austin. They have a wonderful Hastings Bookstore and a Target, Bealls, & Penneys. I do plan to stay away from the Outlet Mall with the million plus stores. I never liked that place. I do like the Katy Mills but San Marcos outlet is out of control. I wish my 3 daughters and I lived closer so we could all shop together. I am so looking forward to the holidays with my family. I have already started my list of New Year's Resolutions. I have one every year and whether I succeed in following them is beside the point. The point to me is that I make a list. I love lists. I think lists are essential. I do have a problem with misplacing my lists though! That is a whole 'nother story. Whatever is on your list or your heart I just hope that everyone that reads this is happy, healthy, trusting in God's mercy, forgiveness and love, and looking forward to new year of fresh starts and promises.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

What Reindeer?

I am not sure but I think Neena got run over by a reindeer. At least that is what the song said. That explains alot to me. I wondered why I was so slow getting all my Christmas scattered around the house! But, despite the unfortunate reindeer incident, I am almost through decorating. I will admit that I didn't do it with the zeal I usually do. Some years you have it some you don't. This must have been a don't. But, the ladies at church will be here Tuesday night for the annual Cookie Swap and I must be ready. Little Elisabeth expects me to have the village scene up in the bathroom on the vanity. One year I didn't and she was so disappointed. Agnes and Flo expect a tree in every room. Donna expects me to have all the gingerbread people set up in my kitchen. Then there are my usual little quirks. When I was in Salado a few weeks ago I saw this beautiful dining table idea for decorating. I already had most of the stuff they had on display but I bought a few things I didn't. I guess you will remember that several months ago I decided I didn't need a maid. I have found myself the last few days muttering her name. This is what I have left to do if any of you would like to come help.

1. Paint the baseboards in the bathroom. Trust me.
2. Clean both bathrooms "clinically". That means sterile.
3. Wrap some present to put under the tree.
4. Dust........."Alyssia, where are you my little Spanish senorita?"
5. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.
6. Straighten up the guest rooms.........just for my sake.
7. Wash some clothes so I have something to wear next week.
8. Bake 6 dozen cookies for Tuesday.
9. Sweep off the porches......( Thanks, Dad )
10. And on and on and on

One reason I seem to be so slow getting this all done is we have been Party Animals and I am exhausted. Friday we had 3 parties to go to.....I made all 3......Gor made 1. Then last night I had to make pictures at the SRHospital Party. I finished at 9 and we went to Heather Rogers UT Nursing School graduation party at the fire station. We missed the Keenager Party in Lagrange. Then today, busy Sunday, Bec, T, and I sing at the Annual Christmas Party at the Towers Nursing Home. Then I am coming home and start checking things off that list. Can't wait for family at the holidays......they'll be coming in shifts but that is ok. The funniest ( or saddest ) thought has been crossing my mind lately. I remember when Granny Price was alive that all the cousins, neices, and nephews used to always come to see her every holiday and on other occasions.....then when she went to live in her mansion in Heaven we never saw any of them again. I worry that someday my neices and nephews and their families won't ever come see me either. I don't want that time of my life to come. On a happier out for misguided reindeer......enjoy every party.......don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet sweaty stuff. That is my wish for you......

Thursday, December 01, 2005

And I Am Thankful

I just realized when I finished typing the blog below that I have never mentioned how wonderful it was to be with family over the T'giving holidays. I am truly blessed by a wonderful family.....husband, children ( all six of them), grandchildren, parents, sisters and bros in law, nephews, nieces, and great nephews and nieces. When they are all around the world stands still and I am in awe of the beautiful people they are. I AM PROUD.

On The Road Again

It probably seems like to you that I never stay home. It feel that way to me too. I am leaving to go to Canton tomorrow with 3 other High School friends for the weekend. We are a strange crew and I am still not quite sure how this got organized and how I ended up in the event. None of us really hang around together and I am having a few little high school related flashbacks like, " I hope they like me", "I hope I fit in", etc........I am not sure why they asked me to go. Nonetheless, I am planning to have fun. Maybe my fears of the group have a direct result of the terror they imposed on me about 35+ years ago when I first moved to the 'ville. I was 15. I weighed all off 90 pounds with dark hair to my waist. I didn't really even need make up then! Imagine that. The minute I hit this town of population about 2000 then I was the "new girl" and the old girls of this town were not that eager to let me in. I remember they used to follow me when I would go on errands. Packs of them in cars like they were trying to terrorize me into moving away. We laugh about it now but I didn't think it was so funny then. Within about 2 weeks of the initial new girl thing I was accepted as one of the "in crowd" and we have remained friends for all these years. We have been in each other's weddings, had showers for each other, raised our kids together, and now enjoy telling grandchildren tales. It has been quite a ride. Although I do think of them all as dear friends it is a different friendship than I share with my Christian friends and sisters. Does that make sense? It is a depth thing. I am always a little hesitant to bare my soul to people who sometimes don't realize how valuable a soul really is. I don't mean that in a snobbish "I am right" kind of way. They know me from way back and now. They know when I have made mistakes, misjudged, and all the little idiotic moods I have....and I know theirs. I just hope that I will be an example this weekend. They are the greatest girls and I am thrilled to have been invited. Since this blog is really my private thoughts to you, those who know me so well, I know you will understand what I meant and maybe even relate to have different friends from different walks of life. So, see you all on Sunday night. Hopefully, I will come home in holiday mood ready to set my house up for Santa. I can't believe I am so far behind on that! As my best friend Tawana starts chanting about this time of year, "Keep looking merry and I'll have to slap it off." I hope you are merry and scrooge is staying away!