Thursday, December 01, 2005

On The Road Again

It probably seems like to you that I never stay home. It feel that way to me too. I am leaving to go to Canton tomorrow with 3 other High School friends for the weekend. We are a strange crew and I am still not quite sure how this got organized and how I ended up in the event. None of us really hang around together and I am having a few little high school related flashbacks like, " I hope they like me", "I hope I fit in", etc........I am not sure why they asked me to go. Nonetheless, I am planning to have fun. Maybe my fears of the group have a direct result of the terror they imposed on me about 35+ years ago when I first moved to the 'ville. I was 15. I weighed all off 90 pounds with dark hair to my waist. I didn't really even need make up then! Imagine that. The minute I hit this town of population about 2000 then I was the "new girl" and the old girls of this town were not that eager to let me in. I remember they used to follow me when I would go on errands. Packs of them in cars like they were trying to terrorize me into moving away. We laugh about it now but I didn't think it was so funny then. Within about 2 weeks of the initial new girl thing I was accepted as one of the "in crowd" and we have remained friends for all these years. We have been in each other's weddings, had showers for each other, raised our kids together, and now enjoy telling grandchildren tales. It has been quite a ride. Although I do think of them all as dear friends it is a different friendship than I share with my Christian friends and sisters. Does that make sense? It is a depth thing. I am always a little hesitant to bare my soul to people who sometimes don't realize how valuable a soul really is. I don't mean that in a snobbish "I am right" kind of way. They know me from way back and now. They know when I have made mistakes, misjudged, and all the little idiotic moods I have....and I know theirs. I just hope that I will be an example this weekend. They are the greatest girls and I am thrilled to have been invited. Since this blog is really my private thoughts to you, those who know me so well, I know you will understand what I meant and maybe even relate to have different friends from different walks of life. So, see you all on Sunday night. Hopefully, I will come home in holiday mood ready to set my house up for Santa. I can't believe I am so far behind on that! As my best friend Tawana starts chanting about this time of year, "Keep looking merry and I'll have to slap it off." I hope you are merry and scrooge is staying away!

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