Sunday, December 11, 2005

What Reindeer?

I am not sure but I think Neena got run over by a reindeer. At least that is what the song said. That explains alot to me. I wondered why I was so slow getting all my Christmas scattered around the house! But, despite the unfortunate reindeer incident, I am almost through decorating. I will admit that I didn't do it with the zeal I usually do. Some years you have it some you don't. This must have been a don't. But, the ladies at church will be here Tuesday night for the annual Cookie Swap and I must be ready. Little Elisabeth expects me to have the village scene up in the bathroom on the vanity. One year I didn't and she was so disappointed. Agnes and Flo expect a tree in every room. Donna expects me to have all the gingerbread people set up in my kitchen. Then there are my usual little quirks. When I was in Salado a few weeks ago I saw this beautiful dining table idea for decorating. I already had most of the stuff they had on display but I bought a few things I didn't. I guess you will remember that several months ago I decided I didn't need a maid. I have found myself the last few days muttering her name. This is what I have left to do if any of you would like to come help.

1. Paint the baseboards in the bathroom. Trust me.
2. Clean both bathrooms "clinically". That means sterile.
3. Wrap some present to put under the tree.
4. Dust........."Alyssia, where are you my little Spanish senorita?"
5. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.
6. Straighten up the guest rooms.........just for my sake.
7. Wash some clothes so I have something to wear next week.
8. Bake 6 dozen cookies for Tuesday.
9. Sweep off the porches......( Thanks, Dad )
10. And on and on and on

One reason I seem to be so slow getting this all done is we have been Party Animals and I am exhausted. Friday we had 3 parties to go to.....I made all 3......Gor made 1. Then last night I had to make pictures at the SRHospital Party. I finished at 9 and we went to Heather Rogers UT Nursing School graduation party at the fire station. We missed the Keenager Party in Lagrange. Then today, busy Sunday, Bec, T, and I sing at the Annual Christmas Party at the Towers Nursing Home. Then I am coming home and start checking things off that list. Can't wait for family at the holidays......they'll be coming in shifts but that is ok. The funniest ( or saddest ) thought has been crossing my mind lately. I remember when Granny Price was alive that all the cousins, neices, and nephews used to always come to see her every holiday and on other occasions.....then when she went to live in her mansion in Heaven we never saw any of them again. I worry that someday my neices and nephews and their families won't ever come see me either. I don't want that time of my life to come. On a happier out for misguided reindeer......enjoy every party.......don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet sweaty stuff. That is my wish for you......


Ashley said...

I bet you wished you hadn't told Alyssia, "Adios". Anyway, have fun getting ready for the cookie swap and save me some cookies!!! I love you!

PS. I added the blogs for you!

jodyreese said...

Aunt Lynn...the nieces and nephews will always have to come see you because we will be in the nursing home together with Aunt Kathy (and Ray, Jim, and Gordon)'ll be the life of the party, as always!! We can't wait to see ya'll this year...Love, Jody

Heather said...

Wish I could be there for the cookie swap...but not the cleaning!! ha ha

I say get Alyssia back!! :)

Hope it all comes together...don't get miffed!! :)

Love, Heather

Jenna said...

I'm agree with JoJo's comment...We'll be visiting frequently! My job is to brush everyone's hair... We'll have so much fun!