Monday, December 19, 2005

Rested, Revived, Raring, Ready and Relentlessly Rambling

Amazing what a day off from work can do. Not to mention that I have until January 2 to relish in vacation. I find it hard to believe that this time next week the paper will be out for BFI along with boxes ( hopefully no one's money envelopes!) and Christmas dinner dishes will be in the dishwasher. I heard someone comment the other day that whoever made the comment "Slow as Christmas" must not have been a woman. That is the truth. Somehow, as it seems in alot of venues of life, the holidays seems to be woman's work. Most men, at least from my generation and before, don't seem to get seriously into this preparation for events thing. It is like to them, what happens just happens. do you think it happens? I mentioned before that I am a list maker. I have to to be to make it happen. Now, ( OH MY!!! ) I don't make lists, I also make folders for my lists. Does this mean something bad? Somebody slap me when I start putting rubber bands around my wallet. Now I am not bragging but I put alot of work into making things just right and special. In picking just the right gift for the right person. I know that is not what it is all about and I don't mean to imply that. I truly celebrate the season in all it's glory. I just know that I come from some VERY high strung genes that make it necessary for me to do things that way. If things run smoothly then my ADD stays in check! It isn't to imply that if you don't you are wrong. I envy people that are able to pull things off so amazingly with little planning. Does that make sense? I better run so I can start my New Year's Resolution list along with my folder for 2006 Improvement Ideas.

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Heather said...

You are so more organized than me....I make lists but not as cute and fun as yours! HA I'm gonna be better about making lists and being organized in 2006...or maybe 2007. :) And when you do put a rubberband on your wallet...I WILL let you know!

We are so excited about Christmas!! Miss you....See you soon.

Love you, Heather