Saturday, December 31, 2005


They say "it ain't over til the fat lady sings".... and I do believe that she is singing. The New Year is fast approaching and I am excited for the first time in a few years to see it coming. Yes, I will see myself turn another year older ( very thankfully ) and I will be another year deeper in debt, thanks ACU ( sing it Tennessee Ernie Ford ). But, for some reason I feel like I have a clean slate. I just want to start out ready to face the challenges of life that lie ahead. I have a new boss at work. We have a new minister at church. I have a new attitude about the way I want to face things. I am tired of being God's stubborn child. I want to study more and more about what God wants me to do with the rest of my life not what I want to do. He gave me a new chance on September 26, 2001 to serve Him and I didn't take Him up on it. I think I took about 34 years backward. I want to learn how to give it all to Him and stop trying to save the world myself. I don't want to sweat the small stuff anymore. After 53 years I am ready to try it God's way. Mine hasn't been working. I know that I have been in church 3 X a week since I was born. I know that I know the words to every hymn in the Songs Of Praise Hymnal and the blue one before that. Iknow that I went to every VBS for 18 years straight. I know that I can tell a Bible story without a script. I know that I can finish a preacher's sentence and scripture word for word. I may not remember the chapter but I know the words. I know that I can pray a prayer that will bring you to your knees and leave you in tears. I know that I can stand up in a crowd of ladies and give a 30 minute ad lib motivational talk. I know that I do many good deeds every day. I also know that none of that counts if what is in my heart isn't right. If you read my "About Me" on the right, it said it all......I liken myself to a ship wandering the seas......yada yada yada. Well, I see the lighthouse. I know the way home. Don't worry. I don't plan to start whacking people over the head with my hardbound Bible but I do know that I have a strong desire to finally serve a Saviour that has promised to lighten my load. Trust me. It needs to be lightened. I hope this New Year is an inspirational journey for you as well. There really is no other way to be happy and at peace.

On another note.......the holidays were wonderful. All my 6 children, grandchildren, my sisters/bros in law, all my neices & nephews (except Matty P , Christine, & Jack who were missed ) were here along with my wonderful, precious, and gracious parents. Reid and Macy were precious and so excited. We all just stared at beautiful Riley with the sweetest spirit and the biggest smile. She never left anyone's arms. The stories, the ballgames, the sports trivia, the chaos, the noise, the food, the laughs....... I just sat back and savored all the love in one room and glowed with happiness. I am so blessed. I loved it all. I didn't want it to end. It was another awakening to me that I feel like I have missed. Just to feel so blessed and count it. Not to take it all for granted. Life goes too quickly. This is NOT a dress rehearsal. This is the real thing. Sing on fat lady. God Bless you all in 2006.


jodyreese said...

Dear Sister...We, too, had a wonderful, blessed Christmas. Being at your house and watching our children...seeing how much they love each other. was a little taste of heaven. Thanks for all you did to make it a special week. Love you, Jody

Ashley said...

i love you!

Heather said...

After all the wonderful holiday meals I feel like the fat want me to sing a tune?HAHA

Happy 2006....I want nothing but good things for you!

I love you, Heather

Mitchell said...

i dont post much, but i read all the time. i love to here the stories of macy and reid. I love to hear what is going on in my sisters lives. But i too, as many do, feel like that same ship in that same sea. They often call it the "sea of life." The crazy thing is, that same sea that you and i feel like we are in.....there are a whole lot of other people oin it with us. We have to find the way out and others will follow by example. I hope it makes since, because i know exactly what you yall