Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer in January

Okay....I admit it. I am HOT. What is up with this weather? ElNino or Nano or whatever needs to go away. Although I do prefer warmer weather I think our body thermostats need to experience a little of cooler weather. I am trying to be educated in this as the meterologists explain the whys and hows of this type of winter but all I know is not normal.

Saturday is quickly proving to be a day of work again. Now that my "cleaning lady" is history I spend my Saturdays washing, cleaning and getting ready for another week. When I had the luxury of her Saturdays were playdays. It is okay though. I am using these cleaning days to clean out and throw away stuff that I don't need or wear anymore. I couldn't have asked her to do that anyway. I have found stuff in my closet and thought, "What was I thinking when I bought this?" One of my new year's resolutions is to be more careful what I buy. I found 3 million red and black tops. I found skirts and pants that haven't been worn because I don't have a top to match. I need to make an inventory of what I have and what I need. Those of you who know me know that although I am a sales, resale and thrifty shopper know that I am also a compulsive buyer. I NEED THERAPY. SEE, WANT, AND BUY....those are my prerequisites. I need to change that. Now, our church has set up a clothing ministry so I plan to start taking lots of stuff there. Anyone need a red or black top?

The holidays seem like a long time ago. Except that Monday is another holiday! Wish we could have saved it for the long haul later. The next holiday SISD has is Spring Break. That seems forever away. is something for you all to help me with. We are invited to a suprise Anniversary party ( 35 years ) for our good and old friends, Nancy and Buddy. We are supposed to dress as we did then.....the 70's. I didn't like the styles then much less to do it again now. What in the world am I going to wear. I am planning a trip to Goodwill this week to see if I can put something together. Any suggestions? And don't say HOT PANTS........This body is way past HOT PANTS. I wish I still had Gordons mint green polyester Leisure Suit! He was so handsome.

We were such good friends with them when we were teens. I am so glad we have stayed friends over the years. I was Nancy's only bridesmaid......a lovely lavendar polyester gown. Wish I still had it and I'd wear it except it was probably a size 0 or so. Yes, I was a 0 onetime. Now, just add numbers before that. It's hard to believe that we can boast 35 years of marriage along with them. And it's still work.......guess when it isn't then it isn't worth it. I'd do it again. help dress us......... Forget the afro wig for Gordon.


everyday.wonder said...

Great blog, Lynn! I hadn't realized you had one until I followed the link back from your comment. Awesome!

I'll come back just for the chance of a quip like your last line--I'd pay good money for a picture of Gordon in a curly afro wig...

God bless!

Heather said...

Let me think on that for a while. I know you and dad will be the cutest couple there! I want lots of pictures of that.....and dad in a wig?? I can't take it! HA

Love you

Melody said...

I just wanted to say hi!

jodyreese said...

How about that mini dress that Nancy brought you back from England. Don't we have that somewhere? Or my mint green bridesmaid's dress you wore? I do have the purple dress that Kathy and I wore with the braid trim on it...remember it? We can make you so precious!! I hope Nancy doesn't read your blog...the surprise part will be over. Love you!