Friday, November 11, 2005

Could It Really Be That Simple?

I just returned from a 3 day conference in Salado. The drive was glorious! I thought I was on the east coast in the midst of a fall foliage tour. It was beautiful. We arrived at the Summer's Mill Retreat and Conference Center around 8:00 AM all pumped and ready to change the school system. 15 from SISD trekked down there not really knowing what "Capturing Kids Hearts" really was about. Let me tell you that I returned a changed person.....both in education and life. The whole basis of their theory is that you can't educate a child if you don't have their heart. And to have their heart you have to love them, "warts" and all, and they will love you back. It is a training process to allow the children to earn your trust and vice versa. There are steps to set this in place but there is NO WAY it won't work. I can't wait to tell Jody and Jenna about it. The funny thing about all their concepts was that it was so spiritual I kept waiting for the invitation song. There were 44 in my group and we never stopped all day except for little 10 breaks and meals. One night we went til 6 then the next night until 8. There was not one concept that could not be taken home and implemented into family and marriage life. I could see how it could change a family into something dynamic. If anyone could persuade their school to invest in this for their district it be well worth it. Our campus is the last to go through the training. There are still about 50 more to go later on in staggered sessions. Are you curious????? There were several men in our groups that were total skeptics from other districts but on the last day they were blubbering like babies. It is awesome. And oh so awesome was the setting! I don't know how many acres it was on but there cabins, barns, homes, bunks, and old church and dining halls, convention rooms, etc.....There were exotic animals roaming and buffalo howling.....or mooing whatever they do. We were fed 3 meals a day and I mean catered meals like at a fancy wedding. Breakfast was unbelievable. The only free time we had was 1 day we had a break for and 1 hour and 1/2 and everyone headed into Salado to shop. Then we were back at it. I came home exhausted, renewed, wishing I was just starting in education and raising a family so I could get it right. Anyway....I am home. Smithville is the same......bad news and good news like when I left which seems ions ago. Glad to be home though. On a whole 'nother note....I miss all my kids terribly today, this time last week we were JD and Mitch and that helped me immensely since we hadn't seen them in so long....I can't wait though until Thanksgiving when at some point I'll see them all......I may never let Macy and Reid out of lap for 3 days. They better be ready cuz' Neena's fluffing her nest!

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Heather said...

i love and miss you. say trick or treak to neena and i like candy. mom, can i have some now...

Flowers are cute and i want to say hi to my neena. Wizard of Oz is on and I have on my sparkly shirt. ok neena...

I love you neena and I want to color with you.

Love, Macy