Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weather is amazing and frightening. I remember being really afraid of storms when I was younger but now I find them rather intriguing. I can easily say that right now since I am in the safe path of the latest Hurricane headed to the Texas coast line. I might change my mind if I had a home in Galveston! However, my kids are in that area and I am trying my best to persuade them to "come to Mama" today instead of waiting for the predicted chaos if they issue a mandatory evacuation. I remember what it was like last time when they had to evacuate for Rita. What normally would take 2 hours to get to my house took 18 hours! In traffic moving practically 5-10 mph and in a total stop alot of the time. People were running out of gas etc. C.H.A.O.S. I remember Macy had just gotton potty trained and refused to put a diaper on just in case! So, hurry my babies and come home. I don't like worrying about you getting stuck in that horrible confusion again. God Bless the people that have already been affected by the storm's wrath and those that must face it yet.


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Just heard that Gustav is a category 4 now and will probably be a category 5 before it hits land again. My Dad arrived this afternoon from the Beaumont area, he said there were lots of buses on I10, they are evacuating the hospitals and nursing homes in that area. Hope your babies will listen to Mama (she knows best!)

mindy said...

Keep my aunt and uncle in your prayers. Uncle Bill just had 1/2 his lung removed due to cancer - they live in Houma, south of New Orleans. They haven't evacuated since Camille in the 60's, but they have to because all hospitals are closing. My cousins and all their familys and Bill and Nan are heading to Houston and then will adjust their travel as Gustav approaches. This photo is amazing, by the way! Also, we have a "prayer chain" link for a precious family at our church on mine and Tine's blog - Rick was Justin's roommate in college. Will you pass it on to your friends?

Snapshot said...

Amen. Get those babies home!