Thursday, March 05, 2009

Avery has been gone for just 24 hours and I'm already lonesome. But, as usual, things are picking up around here. The D bunch is on their way tomorrow to spend Spring Break! Then, "insert excited face", JD and Jaxon are going to stay for a few weeks. I have not seen them since Christmas. TOO LONG. I get to love on them exclusively. I get to pat JD's sweet belly and talk to my newest granddaughter. She can hear me now or so the Baby experts say. She will know my voice before July 3rd! We hope to spend the next few weeks doing all kinds of fun things. That will def include a trip to H town to visit all the cousins. We hope to see Riley and Brooks, and of course their mommy and daddy. Cade???? Wouldn't that be exciting timing! ( OK, Aunt Kellianne & Aunt too, I'll share!) We hope to catch Reid's ballgames and some of Macy's adventures. Of course, cousin Avery will be along for the ride too when we go.

You know how happy Neena is when all her "chicks" are in the nest. WAY WAY WAY happy!

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Kellianne said...

You are too cute! we better get to see you guys! :)

I want to come to smithville and see your neck of the woods too:)