Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This blog world just gets smaller. I have asked you before to pray for friends I have never met, Jenny and Brad Wims and their children. Brad has been battling cancer for 2 years now. And man was he in a battle. His little bit of a wife never left his side while still comforting their children, parents, families and the expansive blog world that she kept posted.

Brad passed away yesterday. He had known that this time was coming. You should not have die when you are just starting your life. His Christian example was evident to all....his church family rallied around him continously. His friends played cards and games with him until the end. Their home ( and that is what it is ) was filled with family and friends for months as they embraced the ending of Brad's life. They literally surrounded him.

You can link off the side of my blog to Faith, Family and Friendships and read about this exceptional family.

His little boy, Zeke, today said he thinks his Daddy is running and breathing in Heaven. I think so too, Zeke. I think so too.

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Donna G said...

Sometimes this life doesn't make sense. I can't wait till we are all running and breathing in the presence of our maker!

I will pray for the family.