Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring break used to thrill me. Now, everyday is spring break and my "kids" have to go school. Something is wrong with this! So, I taught my innocent babes how to play hooky yesterday.

I got to Houston in time on Monday night to watch Rooster as the starting pitcher for the Twins. He pitched his way to a team victory.

Obviously, this gal has some serious dry skin issues.

Yes, sireeee. I took my babies to the zoo.

A little spring grooming going

on here! Just be glad you

don't have to eat your

"mates" mites.

Tiny Princess didn't like this exhibit and wanted to move on to the crocodillios.

Avery doing a little "fish watching" while waiting for chicken strips and fries.

OH puhhhhhleeeezzz. Get this girl a pedicure.

My favorite eerie scene. The jelly fish under black light.

I will never go past the ankles at the beach again. EVER.

My next trip back will be to watch this prima ballerina perform. It's worth all 4 hours sitting in the auditorium to watch the 3 minute dance. But, this year as a special treat, her mommy, along with 40 other mommies will be tapping together in a dance. Yes, my 36 year old baby bought some tap shoes. This girl can move.



Kellianne said...

suuuuuuuper cute post Neena! Loved the pictures and the captions! :) Danni and I are SOO excited to be seeing you and JD and Jaxon on Saturday! Girls Day Out!!! :) See ya soon lady!

Heather said...

Hey, I'm 35.

I had so much fun...I'm glad yall came. Come back soon now, ya hear!

Lynn said...

Either you are so old or I am so old, I can't keep track. I did the subtract thing.....guess you are's not May yet!

Kelley said...

How fun are you???? What a beautiful family. Hookie is a good thing to learn!

Giggi said...

I'm so glad you made a fun trip to Houston! Please post a video of the dance recital! I have to at least see a snippet! Love you!