Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back when I worked, my favorite time of the day was when a group of small children came into my office for the morning PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE. Every single morning. At 8:00 AM SHARP. Little voices quivered and recited and sang. We followed the pledge with the National Anthemn and then other insignificant daily announcements. Then it was business as usual.
But during that few moments when the children would pledge and sing, I would try to step back and watch their little faces. They knew all the words but they didn't know why they were saying them. At least not yet. 7 year olds do not understand the passion of patriotism. I am not sure that many of us do either. Growing up in a military family I think I have a grasp on the concept. I remember being taught to stand when the flag passed. I remember watching my daddy at attention among a group of soldiers. I remember how people used to be moved to tears by the singing of our National Anthemn. I still can be. Men and boys removed their hats. Hands were placed over hearts. Sadly, I don't think that those customs are all still in place among our fellow Americans. Yes, we are the same Americans that are sending their children to war. Their husbands & wives, brothers & sisters. To fight for our freedom so that we can continue to live free.
But whatever you do to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend please take at least one moment to remember our soldiers who are on soil so far away. Who are living and sleeping in conditions beyond what they are due. And for all the upcoming changes that are facing our country. The changes in leadership will affect our future and that of our children and grandchildren. PRAY for our country. That God will continue to "stand beside us and guide us through the night with the light from above." Be safe!


SweetAnnee said...

God Bless AMerica
Land that I LOVE..

(I'm still reading
Devil in the White City)
The pledge was written then
for the opening of Chicago's World the late 1800's)

Awesome..I loved saying it every morning before school actually began...

paul said...

I'm still there...well, not now because it is summer break...but, well, you know.