Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Two little cousins set out on a mission one day. Neenas had given them some special boots so they decided to put them to good use. Their first stop would be to visit Tucker, the puppy, at the dog pen.

Jaxon reassures Avery that she'll be fine. Jaxon has 2 big big big doggie brothers named Petey and Tex. And despite her petititeness, she is not intimidated by dogs at all!

C'mon Avery, laughs Jaxon......you can do it!

"OKAY, Jaxon. If you are sure! I trust you like that. After all girl, you are my peeps and we are tight. Anyway, here comes your daddy and I think our adventure is over."

Have you ever seen anything so cute?
They had found these that I had bought them for Christmas while everyone was here for turkey day. They had so much fun with them. I think they logged quite a few miles on them already.
*****Pictures and idea stolen from my precious daughter in love******
Speaking of my precious daughter in love. OH yes, and my sweet son.
I AM GOING TO BE A NEENA AGAIN! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE. Keep us in your prayers because come July 3rd Neena's Nest is getting ready for an expansion.


Giggi said...

That is way too cute. Hope JD is feeling better! Can't wait to see everyone! Love you!

Donna G said...

How fun....love the green boots!

Kelley said...

Merry Christmas to you!!!! I'm so proud for you.
The pictures and story are precious!
You are a blessed Neena indeed!

The Doty's said...

i think that we can write a book called cousinhood of the traveling boots...what do you think?

Sheila said...

LOVE those boots! Too cute. And congratulations! Your nest if filling up!!

Hollie Reese said...

TOO CUTE! We can't wait for all the cousins to play!!! Big and small!

mindy said...

So precious! Jack is sure excited about coming to see you in a few days! Hard to believe it is just a few days...have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy those babies...and congratulations!!!