Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just a short little blurb to let all of you know that need to know and those of you who don't need to know know and those of you who might just wonder a little. I survived CHRISTmas '08. It was quite a celebration full of love, hugs, presents, families, babies, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, food, confusion, shopping, eating, snapping photos, and looking for lost things. Some were found. Some were not. We shared sniffles, coughs, and lots of Kleenex. We ran out of hot water more than once. Cold shower anyone? We filled up 2 houses and 1 - 4 bedroom Bed and Breakfast. But we all had a GREAT BIG wonderful time. Speaking of time. There wasn't enough of it. All of a sudden cars started loading packages and luggage and leaving. Before I was through celebrating.

We had a few Christmas surprises too. More on that when I realize what day it is. What day is it by the way?
Please say a special prayer today for a wonderful young father/husband who is struggling as he battles the last stages of a horrible cancer that attacked him 1 year ago. He is walking down that valley right now with family and friends watching him and praying for him. Please join them in granting him peace from fear, release to breathe without panic, rest from sleepless nights. For his precious wife and children....his parents and other family. It's not a good day at their house. His name is Brad.


Kelley said...

God bless Brad and all those who love him.

Happy New Year friend.

mindy said...

May our precious Lord who is the God of all comfort shower His love down on Brad and his sweet family..Praying now... hugs

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Sorry about your friend Brad. Cancer is a horrible thing, I wish we could wipe it from the face of the earth!