Wednesday, December 03, 2008

21 years ago we lived in town. Not the city, but in town. Our neighbors were dear people and lived next to us when we had no children and they had a houseful. 5 GIRLS to be exact. As my babies started coming along I had a steady stream of willing and able babysitters. In fact, there was never any grass between our houses. We had a trail for 16 years between our back doors. I just opened up the door and yelled for a sitter and never knew who was coming but knew someone would. It was great. Then we moved to the "country" which is 3 miles away. We stayed in contact of course and still see them around even though they are all grown with families. One of them just finished massage school and today I got to be her client. It was wonderful. I think I got special treatment but it was amazing. She brought her table and set up in my living room and I plugged into the headphones for over an hour. My muscles feel less achy, the headache I was getting went away, and I feel like I could run a marathon. But, instead I am going to catch a quick nap and enjoy this relaxed and renewed body!


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Trying so hard not to be jealous! Please send her to SA to see me! I will round up all my friends to make it worth the trip for her! Hey our plumber today came from Marble Falls, so it is not so far fetched that the masseuse could come from your area!

Kelley said...

That is simply not FAIR! How I would love to have a massage right now!