Saturday, November 01, 2008

Well........where do I begin? Lest you think my life is boring here is a recap of the last few days for my loyal 5 readers. Bear with me as it is pretty newsy.

1.) Wednesday Morning I woke up about 1 AM with my left arm aching. NOT GOOD for a heart patient. In fact, both other HA's have started with that same symptom but the big "explosion" followed soon after. Stubbornly, I stayed in bed and prayed. Can the word stubborn and pray be in the same sentence? Hmmmm. By noon ( yes,10- ish hours later. ) I decided to call the cardio dr. I just told him that I had NO other symptoms other than that. He politely told me to GET MYSELF TO THE ER NOW. I did. All of the cardiac testing turned out negative. THANKS to God. I am fine!

2.) Enroute to Abilene on Thursday I received a call that my BFF Tawana had been in a head on collision on her way to DFW. I had Mom and Dad with me and we redirected ourselves to the TRAUMA center at Brack for the next 7 hours with Terry, Tracy and Becky BFF. God wrapped his arms around Tawana and saved her life that morning. Although her injuries are extensive, painful and will be long healing, she is alive and coming home sometime next week. Lacerations and broken bones can heal. It was a sweet and happy moment of rejoicing when we all realized that! Our trip resumed after her admission to a room to heal. I SLOWLY proceeded the rest of the 4 hour trip my heart heavy with compassion, sad to be leaving her but relieved to know that she will be home soon. LIFE is sweet. Life is precious. Tell your family you love them everyday. We pulled into Abilene at around 10:45 ish. I felt like .... well...... I felt a little tired.

3.) Everyone headed off to school on Friday morning and Mom, Jaxon and I went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast. About 1 we headed up to ACU to watch our own little family STAR soccer player, Jordan, play an awesome game. They lost 2-1. Sniff. I hope I wasn't a bad luck charm. Soccer How do those girls RUN for a straight solid hour. NON STOP. Back and forth.....And the wildest part was that Jordan had broken her arm the day before and she played the entire game! Not trying to brag but she played an unbelievable game. I am so proud of her. Then Fri. night we got to watch Abilene HS beat Richland Hills, leaving them undefeated and headed to playoffs. ONE more district game. I was grinning from ear to ear watching my sweet son interact / coach those boys. I couldn't help but remember what seemed like yesterday, when he used to sit in the press box with his little helmet on and dream of being a "football boy". Now, he is on the field running up and down being the cutest coach EVAH.....evah. They have a great bunch of boys and my FAVORITE 2 coaches. Another great part of the game was sitting the second half with Connie, Don, Mel, and Rob! We had a great visit. It just reminded what I already knew. We miss them SO much. Our lives both at church and away are VOID without them. They are the most amazing people. If you remember, they were our "family" that was so badly injured in a car accident in the spring near San Antonio. They have enjoyed their new lived in Abilene and being with Mel and her family. They get to watch their grandsons play sports and are enjoying settling in to a new church family at Hillcrest. Does Hillcrest know how lucky they are? They better! We love us some Adams' people!

4.) Things calmed down a little on Saturday. "Our" coaches worked at the field house all day, JD had to work a few hours so Jaxon and I headed out shopping. We both love that. I am trying to teach her a few strategies on bargain hunting. Then we had a big family dinner ( ROAST and all the trimmings ) at Jody and Jim's house. Jordan and Kyle joined us and we had a great time. All the guys and Jordan watched the TEXAS/tech game. We all know now how that turned out. Some were happy ...... some were not. Just saying.......won't say who.

5.) JD and I got to catch up on one of our favorite TV's shows she had recorded and stayed pretty lazy most of the morning. When she left for work I cooked a big pot of veggie meatball soup and a loaf of banana bread and Jaxon and I played with all the toys in the toy box. Then tonight I stood in the dark nursery with the sweetest smelling little bundle of happiness that has grown so much in a year. Her little head was snuggled on my shoulder. I could hear her softly sucking on her finger. We sang and swayed. When I layed her in her bed I realized that tomorrow night I would feel so empty! I've had so much fun here as I always do.

6.) We are headed home in the morning early. My mom's cousin passed away and we are planning to go to the services at A & M church on Monday. She and Daddy were both really sad about his passing. But, we all agreed that his Heavenly homecoming would have been worth witnessing. I know that there was rejoicing from the Lingleville crowd when he arrived. NO sadness for him.

**I think my next 12 weeks will be spent helping by being one of Tawana's nurse/cook/ housekeepers. Between Mom, Becky, and myself , we should have her covered. I know that our church family will pitch in and help with meals too. Because, that is how we all roll....we are close.

**Remember me as I try to continue the library program without Tawana. We had just outlined our next 7 weeks of the year for BookWorms. She had them all organized and books pulled. She had even filed crafts for each lesson. Little did we know.......sort of weird now that I think about it.


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Wow, your week was filled up a lot of ups and downs. High Highs and Low Lows. Glad your friend is going to make it and that she has good friends to help her out. Who was the cousin at A&M? Anyone I know?

The Urban Chic said...

I came from Deenas and you have had a horrible week. My prayers are with you. Glad your friend is going to be okay. Hugs and prayers, Pat

Giggi said...

You didn't tell me about #1!!! It is time for you to rest up now!!! So glad Tawana is better! Ya'll be careful tomorrow. Love ya!

My Vintage Studio said...

Your week was full emotions!

Hope you have a good week!

Sheila said...

Wow, Lynn. I hadn't heard about Tawana's accident. So glad to hear she's ok. God bless, well, everyone!

Kelley said...

I'm so glad you are ok. I would have been in a panic if you hadn't! I'm so sorry about your friend, but so glad she will recover. What would we do without our families and friends. God knows how much we depend on them and love them.
I hope this week is better than the last.
God bless you sweet Lynn!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are o.k. You are too busy to be down. Thank you so much for the email about Tawana. Scared me to death but I am very glad tht all will be o.k. with time.

I still have a picture of Mitch in the press box with Coach Paul. That was way too long ago.

Love your babies and keep in touch.

Love you,