Monday, November 17, 2008

I've probably been teaching Bible classes since I was 15 years old. This is NOT to brag but it is simply a fact. I like to stay on my "own" mental level which is not usually above 5 or 6th grade. HA ! I relate to them and in return they relate to me. Once we get disciplinary class rules out of the way, also known as bribery, I never have trouble with them. Well, I guess never is kinda strong. Let's just suffice it say, I don't usually have trouble with them and when I do I just throw them out to sit in the hall for a few minutes and that does the trick. They know I mean it!
I love this painting of the Lost Sheep. It's always been one of my favorite comforting thoughts about God's love for us. Last Wednesday night we were in John 10 and there were alot of the analogies about the Good Shepherd and His sheep so we spent quite a bit of time applying those to our lives. They made up some very creative comparisons! They totally got it. Many of these children are our "van" riders who have never been exposed to the Bible, but they, for the most part, are soaking up the Bible stories. They are really learning to put it in their lives, at school and at home. I am so happy that I don't have to be a perfect person to teach a class. That I can enter into that room with those kids and tell them I am not perfect but I love God's word and I want to tell them why. I am not "equipped" to do alot of things in God's Kingdom but I hope that the things I do glorify him in my own little meager way. I don't really want a mansion over the hilltop. I will be perfectly satisfied with a little one room house over that hilltop. Even a sleeping bag. I just want in on the deal.

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Kelley said...

Your meager efforts have certainly blessed many. Including me on this here little blog!