Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last night the weatherman mentioned a norther moving into our area this evening. Now, in Texas that is big news. Especially after we are used to most days being at least 80's or 90's. We rarely, if ever, have snow. And by snow I mean it falls from the sky but never hits the ground. Maybe we do get too excited over ice days which occur two or three times a year. But, for some reason the news of the FIRST norther or frost just totally excites most of us around here! I have to cook a pot of chili for the annual event. It's ready and the cornbread is set to put in the oven. I keep opening the front door to see if it has gotton here. So far at 4:19 PM? It's still hot.

No wonder the meterologist doesn't leave his cell number on the bottom of the news screen.


Gina said...

I'd be happy to send you some of our Iowa weather your way! Brrrr already!
I'm a southern girl (Texas and Arkansas by birth & raising; Georgia for 10 years as an adult). I thought my husband lost his mind when he said he wanted to look at a job in Iowa. All other seasons are pretty good...just the winter is bad, bad, bad.

Giggi said...

It hit here around 1:oo pm & it feels wonderful!!! Gotta love a little fall in the air! Love you Sissy & appreciate all you do!

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

It blew into SA about 4:30 and dropped the temp quite a bit. I would not say it got cold but definite temp drop. We will take what we can get, don't think we will be wearing shorts at Christmas this year but you never know around here. Last time SA got real snow, my daughter was in Kindergarten and we had gone to Disney World, we were enjoying the sun and mild weather and it was snowing in SA!

Kelley said...

Blew into Alabama last night. Wind blew so hard it blew of some of my window shutters!
Tonight I get to go to John David's rainy, cold football game....what we do for our kids! You know exactly what I'm talking about!