Monday, October 13, 2008

They don't always seem it but today has seemed like a LONG day. I guess because I have had a busy past few weeks and all of a sudden NOT.

I slept until 8:30 AM and then wandered around with a few cups of coffee for about an hour assessing(LOL). I was going pretty good by 9:30 AM. By 4:00 PM I had cleaned the bathrooms, made the bed, stripped the guest beds, washed, folded and put up 3 loads of clothes, cleaned, cooked dinner, run to the pharmacy and the ranch store to pick up "ant" killer, organized some library thoughts that Tawana left me for Wednesday, did a few emails, and now I am fixing to bake something sweet. I haven't even watched TV. Trust me there is plenty more I could do but at 6 PM I just realized it was a holiday.

So tomorrow? I'll have my own private holiday. Just because I'm retired doesn't mean everyday is a holiday. Everyday is just Saturday.

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