Friday, October 20, 2006

Still Painting

Exactly one month ago today I told you my travails with all the extra adrenalin that flowed through me. All the projects I had started and left unfinished. Just a quick update on the progress or lack of it.......

1. The front door has been left as is.........the sanding has stopped. The idea to paint my beautiful stained door black receded to the depths of my mind. Instead, I made a beautiful fall wreath to welcome visitors to my home.

2. Only son's room has been finished. The bed has been made. The packed boxes and tubs are gone. Mission accomplished.

3. Daughter # 1's room has almost been transformed. Baskets of organization are now on the shelves. A new day/trundle bed is made up for company. My computer station is organized and I am surrounded by things that make me happy and smile. Please don't look in the closets or file drawers yet.

4. The bathroom that had wallpaper shreds hanging off after 2 straight weeks of picking is almost....almost finished. The sad news for my bank account was that professionals had to be called in. The happy news for me is that it is going to be beautiful.

5. Daughter # 2's room the door remains shut. I am scared to enter. I think all the things that have made these other 4 projects be accomplished have somehow crawled into that room to kill me when I open the door. Which will by the way be sometime towards the end of next week. Around Halloween. How appropriate.

When all of this chaos is through. A new roof will be put on this house. Followed very quickly by new flooring. Then I will call it quits for another 20 years. And let the next owners do whatever they want. By that time I should be settled snugly into the new wing of the local "home" playing BINGO and racing Cindy down the hall in my wheelchair.


Heather said...

I can totally see you and Cindy racing down the hall at the Towers! Actually, I can see yall doing ALL sorts of things there. HA HA That made me laugh SO hard. And please, like I would make you go to the Towers... :)

I can't wait to see the bathroom and other rooms! Mitch's room looked good...can't wait to see mine and Ash's. :) Wish I was there to help you paint, etc...

I promise I'll blog tomorrow! :)

Love you, Heather

jodyreese said...

Wow...this is impressive....I haven't heard your story of the professionals being called in...why haven't you called me?????Are you buried under wallpaper? I want complete details....Love you! JoJo

mindy tyndall said...

I am very impressed with your progress! I have been known to tear wallpaper down the night before a baby shower (at my house!) and actually get the job done, but not very well! I have since told myself NO BIG PROJECTS before considering the consequences 24 hours from the first thought!
You will be so excited when you see Jack. He's all boy and will be so much fun this year at the holidays! I am really happy that Matt, Christine and Jack will be in Smithville for Christmas - Matt holds those memories so close to his heart and now he and Jack and Christine can make new ones! It will be a houseful of pregnant girls, so if I was you, I'd offer to house the kids NOW, before it's too late! Really, what a blessed year this will be for all of you! Don't work too hard and me a room at the home!