Friday, July 14, 2006

God Bless you Where you are

We Send You Our Blessings

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A lot of unexplained things have happened to me over the past week. Lots of questions that I don't seem to have answers for or may never have answers for. Lots of the WHY'S? And for some reason the people that I always have on my doctor teams answer like this, "I sure don't know" and my favorite quote of the week from the top cardiologist in the area, "Holy Crap girl and Damn if I know." And I, in total faith accept those answers. I want doctors that say, "Girl we are sure going to get to the bottom of this puzzle so this doesn't happen again!" I don't understand why I had another heart attack but I do know I don't want another one. So, now I must find someone else on my dr. team that feels that same way. I do not know why my body finds contentment in mass manufacturing cholosterol way too fast. Now, I must find someone else on that dr. team that might know that. I am tired of taking all these medications. I am tired of being tired. I am ready to find some answers. But, after watching that wonderful power point presentation above...........I feel the blessings of life continue to follow me no matter the situation......and I am not afraid. I really am not. What is there to fear? That I might get to Heaven before you? That is not scary. Although I would like a rain check for that trip in about 40 or more years. In the meantime, I will continue to count my many blessings that surround me day in and day out. They surround me in darkness and light. How much more could I ask?


Heather said...

YAY worked. Thanks for sharing that Mom. I needed that tonight. FOR SURE

I love you...Hez

Heather said...

BTW, Do I need to call those crazy doctors and give them a piece of my mind? HA :) I hope you get your energy back soon.

You are a blessing.....

Miss U

Bar Bar A said...

That was a beautiful presentation.

Now, about those doctors - don't stop looking till you find a good one! Be aggressive! I'm proud of you for persisting, don't give up!

Snapshot said...

Wow. I'm praying from Alabama!

nana said...

Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!! We don't want any more excitement. God has plans for you in the future, so hang in there. I need you and I know some others that need you a whole lot. Love you. Nana

Heather said...'s time for a new blog. :)
Love you