Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No News is Good News

For those 6 or so of you that read my blog you already know this but I'll say it again.

I had a very extensive 2 days of testing, etc at Baylor Heart Institute in Houston. Basically I went in for a second opinion. There were some issues that were bothering me and I wasn't really getting the answers to the questions I was asking. So I subjected myself to another doctor and I was poked, prodded, xrayed, nucleared, interviewed, etc...... I was very impressed with the thouroughness of it all. The dr I saw also happens to be the Chief of Staff of the whole place. He spent about 2 hours talking with me. You know I liked was all about me! I had previously faxed about 65 pages of medical records so that he could look over my history before I came. And, as Ashley would say, I sent along the introductory novel. And I did. I just hate going to see new doctors when they don't have a clue who are they are going to see. So, I have this little thing that I always forward along so they know what to expect when they do meet me. Things like where I live, work, things I like to do, etc......I know it sounds silly but he said he wished all his patients did that. But, it very much broke the ice and the new dr. / patient relationship. He pretty much reinforced what I have been told a million times and that is how very fortunate I am to be alive. He feels like the second episode should not have happened and was most likely started by another smaller dissection located in the same coronary artery as the first. I have to call Heart Hospital tomorrow and have the actual "footage" of both my surgeries ( '01 & 06 ) for him to watch. He said that they should be on cd and I have a right as a patient to request them. Jeepers, I hope I wasn't slobbering or anything. I must say that my L'Oreal lipstick stayed on for at least 12 hours during that last surgery. It wasn't as eventful as the hair issue before which I am sure my girls would love to tell you about! I then go back on the 14th for the conclusion. I wish Houston wasn't so far and I could continue as his patient. However, he has absolutely NO IDEA the stress I went through just trying to find his office through Houston. A person could get killed there! I do feel like I need to find a doctor that treats me more aggressively. So, on the dr. issue I am in a dilemma because I really like the dr. I had. He is just almost too sweet, does that make sense? So, for now, that is where I stand. I'll wait to post again when I return from the 14th's visit with all the good news. And Terrie, when you "cut up with God" in the morning as you say, please remind him of me! Maybe he'll ride with me again on the 14th.


That Girl said...

Consider it done!!!

Robert said...

Hi Lynn!!

I found you via barbaras blog wow sounds like you have had quite a whirlwind with your heart!! I had an angioplasty done last november so lucky i didnt need open heart done i tiold the Dr who performed the procedure I had worsttimes at the dentist!!! LOL I pray you will find success with your new Dr and your heart will heal so you can be free of that burden. Very cool lilk place you have here you are a gifted writer!!!

Heather said...

I'm glad you came to get a 2nd opinion....sorry you had to drive in this crazy city! :) I'm ready to hear what they have to say on the 14th. You, as always, are in my daily prayers.

Hope you are having a great's alomst TGIF!!!! YEAH I miss YOU

I love you mom,

Giggi said...

Forevermore, we're talking about your life here girl. Go to the absolute smartest, best qualified doctor you can get into and forget about hurting the nice man's feelings. I'm sure your old doctor is probably glad for you to get a second opinion and hopefully cares enough to want what's best for you. I want you to be AOK. I'm so glad you went, and proud of you for taking that step. I know its not fun having test after test. Now take good care of yourself!!!Try to do all those healthy heart lifestyle things! Love ya, Sissy

Bar Bar A said...

Ditto what giggi said! Why does this have to be so difficult? I'm so sorry you have to go through all this! I didn't think you were posting or I would have been reading!

Bless you sweetie!

Jenna said...

Hope you have a good trip to Houston this week. WE LOVE YOU!!

mindy tyndall said...

Lynn - this heart stuff is tough! No matter what they tell you or how difficult or easy it will be, you're talking about your HEART - YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR HEART TO EVEN GET TO STAY HERE!!!
Anyway, good luck with whatever treatment they decide. Roy has his heart cath/with stints in the morning at 11:30 AM.
Hugs - Mindy