Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do We Mean What We Say?

The sweetest little man at church Sunday came up to me and handed me a button he had made for me. Funny how a little button making machine can turn into a ministry! Everytime I see him he has one on with a thought or inspiration and I always comment that I can't wait to see what button he has on. Anyway, he had heard me say this before so he printed it on a button for me. "Lord Come Quickly". I know I say it more than I probably realize. Looking at it though made me think. I pinned it on my purse so I see it quite often since I "dig" in my purse about a million times a day looking for something...... but that is another blog.

But, "Lord Come Quickly?" Do I really mean that? I know I say it at appropriate times. Like when someone is hurting that I know .... spiritually, mentally or physically. Or when I am hurting....spiritually, mentally or physically. When it is just hard to take it anymore. I read in other blogs about choices that are not good ( I know about those ), about babies that are sick ( I know about those ) , about people who give up on life.....about addicts, about job losses, about people who have so much less or maybe don't even know how to have more. Sometimes I think that blog reading wakes you up, it encourages you to reach out and realize that you are not alone on this journey of life. But, life sometimes is just hard. Hard because we make it that way or hard because we don't know any better than to do what we have done when we don't know what else to do? Does that make sense? Heaven sounds so wonderful and will be free of all that. I just know that for right now and hopefully as long as I draw a breath that I will mean it.....Lord Come Quickly and put us out of our misery and let me be found faithful and waiting!

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Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. I will be back to visit here soon.