Saturday, May 06, 2006

Quick Trip For A Kiss

We made a flying trip to Htown to see part of the family! Even though we had just seen them I hadn't had enough. I just wish Mitch & JD were on the way too. I could have used a good slobbery kiss from Petey and Tex. And of course, Mitch and JD too. We are really missing them but they stay BUSY BUSY BUSY. Hopefully, in a few weeks we can head their way. Stopped at Red Lobster and took Ash to supper on Thursday nite and enjoyed a few usual laughs with her. Then headed to CLake. It was almost 10 when we got on the main drag and I called the house and said there better be some jumping up and down in the yard when I pull up. As we rounded the corner, in the shadow of the motion light, I could see 3 bodies jumping up and down and up and down and up and down. DID MY HEART GOOD. Troy was at work or I bet he would have been jumping too. He is a good sport when the in laws head to town. We kept the kids way up past bedtime. Then Gordon climbed on the top bunk and I "snuggled" down with Macy in the twin. Macy's party was all you could expect a four year party to be. Heather had worked so hard and had everything organized and precious at the park pavilion. Macy has had so many celebrations this week she said she already turned 5. We had a hard time convincing her that just because you had another party you didn't age. We were disappointed that Reid's game got rained out this morning and he didn't get to hit me my grand slam. I am sure he would have. We all went out for lunch and then we headed home. Now a storm is brewing around here for the night. Lightning is dancing in the sky. What a blessed woman I am to have gotton to drive to Houston for a kiss from my precious babes. More importantly to see the happy lives that they have created. That is all I ever wanted is for my kids to be happy and well adjusted. Thank you God.

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