Wednesday, February 21, 2007

There Was A Little Girl

TODAY IS MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY. We share February birthdays and growing up we always shared a party. Usually right in the middle on Valentine's Day. I wish I could share a party with her today. I wouldn't even compare presents! I don't really think she knows how much she means to me. That's her in the cheerleader pose lurking over me. And yes, we have octopus toys on our heads. And yes, again, I have on TURTLENECK pajamas. What's the deal with putting a claustrophobic child in turtleneck pj's! HA. Love you MOM! They are cute. And yes, this was before I was able to get my eyebrows waxed!

Her Kindergarten class calls me each year on my birthday and sings to me. This year after they sang, they counted my age out by 5's! You know, 5, 10 , 15, 20.......I didn't know 5 year olds could count that high! So, today I called her and wanted to know if she wanted me to count by 5's for her age. She's witty like me and quickly responded, "My age can't be counted by 5's! " She meant without a remainder of some numbers. But, I am the oldest. So, I couldn't really argue with that. I am just not mathematically inclined like she is.

Not only is she mathematically inclined she is just durn smart. I mean seriously smart. She used to get upset stomachs if she made a 99. She never procrastinated. She always did her homework by herself without help. While I whined in the background because I didn't get it. This probably explains why she was VALEDICTORIAN in high school and VALEDICTORIAN at ACU with a 4. ++++ who knows how much more GPA. I majored mostly in social skills which if there was an award, well I would've won that.

She was precious too. And well behaved. And polite. And never any trouble. She was even a middle child yet did not fit that stereotype. She had a million friends. Teachers remarked, " Are you sure you are Lynn's sister?" She still is precious only now she is also beautiful. She is a remarkable woman. She is looked up to by everyone she encounters. Everywhere I go someone knows her. Someone adores her. And rightly so. She's a woman full of integrity, self confidence, and love. She is a woman of God. She lives that. She walks the walk and talks the talk. Which makes her also beautiful on the inside. Or as my sweet Ashley would say, "She's going to Heaven magna cum Laud." And she is. Her children all fit right into her mold and are carbon copies. Her husband adores her. And likewise. She is even submissive! Our "baby sister" is just like that too~ and NO, my parents swear I am not adopted.

As we get older, our relationship, love, and concern for each other just seems to deepen and deepen and deepen. I adore her children/grandchildren and she does mine. When my kids were at ACU she finished raising them! THANK GOD, for Aunt Jody. She did their laundry, "rocked" them when they were homesick, and nursed them when they were sick and too far to come home. When they wanted homemade chocolate chip cookies they knew where to go. For that I can never repay her. Or her husband.

I seriously can not remember a memory that she is not a part of. Although, I still do not remember Lake Whitney. We still love to be together. We still love to talk on the phone. We still love to laugh together. She's dropped everything and rushed to my bedside several times when I was sick. She's a phone call away when I need her. She's prayed for me ( for a long long time, I might add) and still does. Prayed for my health, for my kids, for my marriage, and for my soul. Do you realize how much that means to have a sister like that? And I have 2 !

I have now rightfully earned my place as HEAD SISTER. She and Kathy ( baby sister ) both let me boss them around again in this stage of our lives. I certainly take every opportunity to do that. It feels good since my kids are grown and I can't boss them anymore. I like to be the boss. Does that surprise you? Seriously, HEAD SISTER means nothing.....she is my strength.......she is my soul precious sister. Who I love with all my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear SISSIE, happy birthday to you.


Anonymous said...

I never wanted a sister but you sure make it sound fun!

Nicole said...

I saw Jody earlier this week and she was laughing at me coming to your blog. BUT - THIS IS WHY! I learn SO much when I read all your posts.

I did NOT know that she was Valedictorian!! That is amazing to me. We just love her. There are few people like Teacher Jody OR Mrs. Reese(as we call he around our house). She makes my kids feel special EVERY time we see her. She just has a way with children AND grown-ups. There have been SEVERAL times when she has comforted me. I just love her to death.

We just went across the street about an hour ago to wish her a Happy Birthday. She shared this birthday with my husband so we always know that when it is Daddy's birthday, it is Mrs. Reese's birthday too.Of course she dropped what she was doing to come outside and love on all the kids and make us feel like the most important people in the world. She has a way of doing that. I can honestly say that I have NEVER met anyone that had anything negative to say about her. I just admire her in so many ways.

I am so sorry to write a book on here. Can you tell that I like her a little bit? Ha. Happy Birthday Jody!!

Paul said...

Happy Birthday!!! I have four sisters and they are precious! That is wonderful that you have such a great relationship.

Jenna said...

What a sweet post! I mom is very special. And she's so lucky to have such wonderful sisters.

Love you!
Jenna Lynn

Anonymous said...

Awww I never had a sister..but I always BEGGED my mom to have another baby so I could! (my would have been a boy anyways...hehe)

Thanx for stopping by my blog! Hope you'll come back. =)

jodyreese said...

Oh, sissie, that was so sweet. You are definitely the HEAD SISTER (and we don't ever want to take your place)! Now, please, STOP IT, and go back to writing about your children or I will write about some of the crazy things we did. And, as for my beautiful neighbor Nicole, her family is so easy to love! Thanks to everyone for making my birthday so special. 53 is a good year, I think.
P.S. And for your information, I was not valedictorian of our lovely high school...I was #2. Don't hurt Sandra S.'s feelings!

Lynn said...

# 1 or # 2.....please. Like .0004 makes a difference! You were still way cuter, JoJo. I guess being older I got confused.

Giggi said...

I am blessed with both of my sissys! What great examples you are to me. I wish you were closer & could boss me around once in a while. It's so hard to have to figure it out myself! ha! When Kyle was getting ready to student teach & they asked him if he had any relatives in the AISD he told them Jody Reese & found out she is a legend there. Pretty much there & wherever else she has been. Well, I got to be her first student. In the back yard at her chalk board easel learning to say e, i, o, u... I still remember that day & many others like it! Love you both sooo much! Kathy