Saturday, February 03, 2007


GO RED day was a great success in my hometown. The mayor signed a proclamation that all day yesterday was GO RED DAY. I think I had more fun all day than I have had in a LONG LONG time. It wasn't all about me.........I am certainly not the only person in the town to have had a heart attack or health problems. But, everywhere I went yesterday people had on the RED SHIRTS that I had designed. What started out with only about 25 ended up to be everywhere. Not only my table was covered in shirts for weeks but so was everyone of the rooms of my house. One of my good friends had made mine with the heart in the center covered with sparkling crystal rinestones. I told her I was going to feel like RAINBOW FISH ( read the famous children's, RAINBOW FISH by Marcus Pfister ) when my heart was so pretty and sparkly and the others were so plain. So, I began to glue one sparkling crystal onto every single of the 300 tshirts I sold. They turned out awesome. I attached a little handwritten thank you on each tshirt explaining the single crystal. I made my final deliveries yesterday morning before school for "late" orders and when I walked into the hospital the shirts were everywhere......the same at the bank......the same all over town. Then when I got to school it was a sea of red. We had an awesome assembly by this TALENTED woman who sang us through the history of legendary BLACK AMERICANS in music. WHAT A VOICE.....We rocked with Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holliday, and on and on. She told stories of BLACK HISTORY along with her vocal presentations. It was unbelievable. When she said rock, we ALL DID. You couldn't help but feel the beat. I told one of my friends it made even an old church of Christ girl want to get up and dance! The children were in awe of her as we all were. They behaved perfectly and she praised them for it. It was educational and entertaining. But, as I stood at the back of the auditorium, all I saw was red tshirts. For sure I know that heart awareness was alive and well in my town yesterday! They talked about it everywhere I went. I even had people tell me they were going to start taking better care of themselves! The kids too!

This is the picture of my favorite middle child, Ashley that went with the earlier post entitled the same. I have tried unsuccessfully to upload it since I posted about her. Major technical difficulties at neenasnest that have now been resolved thanks to DELL online support!

But, with her being a middle child, it is important that I did not leave out such details of her life story. Her sister had a "picture" and by golly now she has one! In all seriousness, she is as beautiful on the inside as out. Feisty, but beautiful. Can you see she has her husband literally "wrapped around her fingers"? God bless him.


Nicole said...

I am SO mad at myself!! I totally forgot to wear red yesterday!! OOOh. That makes me so mad! ANYWAY. I LOVE the shirts and the Rainbow Fish idea. I love that book and it fits perfectly. You are so creative. IT sounds like the whole day was great. I loved that it was a sea of red. How awesome! Next red day I WILL remember!

Layla said...

HELLO! She is YOU! I thought that was you in an earlier photo! They look very happy, and yes he looks smitten :)

mindy tyndall said...

What fun! And what a great cause! And...your girls are gorgeous.