Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ever since being diagnosed with heart disease in 2001 I have pretty much educated myself, in between doctor appointments, online with the American Heart Association or the AHA. If you want true facts and statistics that is the site to find it. No mumbo jumbo.....This Friday will be the first time I have actively participated in the GO RED FOR WOMEN DAY. This day is observed nationwide to create awareness of the # 1 KILLER of women ( and men too ) which is heart disease. One in every 3 women will die from HEART DISEASE. Isn't that unbelivable? If it can happen to me ~ it can happen to you. Do whatever you can to prevent it! After suffering 2 massive heart attacks I am arming myself with information, education, healthy eating habits, exercise, and educating everyone I know and love. And that is you! On Friday, February 2nd find something in your closet red. A t - shirt, a dress, a jacket, a hat, a tie.......anything. Support this cause by wearing red that day. Get mad about heart disease.....SEE RED!

Take a minute. Close your eyes. Put your hand over your heart and think about each beat of life. The power of life beating under your hand. Do you realize how important your heart is? HELLO.......... I do know! I know you are only a heartbeat away from finding out yourself, so, make yourself a promise today to do something for yourself and your heart. Eat smart. Exercise. Don't smoke. Have regular well check appointments. Know your cholosterol numbers and your blood pressure. LOVE YOUR HEART. Wearing red is only the beginning of a healthy lifestyle for all of us.


Nicole said...

That is so powerful. I think about it from time to time about how precious life really is. I know. My heart could stop right now and I would be dead. Thanks for the reminder about red on Friday. I will have to find something red to wear!!

I had no idea you had Heart Disease. I am saying a prayer for you right now.

Layla said...

Very good reminder!!!!


I am glad you are hear to remind us :)


Amy said...

I did not know about your heart disease, either. It sounds like you are a real fighter and survivor!

Thank you for this reminder. I had to have an echo done recently for a different heart issue. It truly is amazing to watch and hear your heart on an ultrasound machine like that.

Our hearts are always beating. Always. Since even before we were born. It is a miracle that any of us are walking around if you think about how fragile life seems!

nana said...

We are proud of you for reminding everyone the importance of taking care of themselves. Thanks!mom

Heather said...

Yes, we are very proud of you and all your hard work for GO RED DAY! I have my shirt on! :)

I love you...and your heart

Ashley said...

Heather got a shirt and I didn't get mine..

Now Im sad...