Monday, January 01, 2007

YO Adrian!

They have sat on a shelf in the bedroom since last Christmas. Just looking at me everyday. They aren't even mine. They were a gift for G last year. Earlier this week, out of boredom (?) and the need to sit down I pulled the set down and opened them. I pulled out the original Rocky, popped it in the DVD and it all started. I have been obsessed the last few days watching the Rocky movies I - V. Or as the box called them ROCKY ANTHOLOGY. Don't even ask me why. I don't know. Totally out of my character. I sat in the dark alone for 5 straight hours last night watching III and IV. All I can say is if the song "Eye of the Tiger" comes on you better get out of my way. One good thing about getting older is that I did not remember seeing any of them! Every now and then a scene would come on and I would get a "flashback". But, for the most part they were all new to me. I knew for certain that I hadn't seen V though. Normally, 100% of the time, I am a girlie girl movie watcher. Every now and then I'll endure something out of the ordinary. I liked all the "Raiders of the Lost Ark "movies but they had flickers of romance. I liked the movie "First Knight" but of course it had romance too. Movies like that without violence. But Rocky?!? Now, there was some fighting. But also, a very sweet love story line continues through each one. A strong marriage theme between Rocky and Adrian. They support, respect, and love each other. I loved it. I was on my feet screaming ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY along with the crowd on the screen. Hope the neighbors weren't window peeping again! When Eye of the Tiger came on it was a good thing I didn't have the vacuum cleaner hooked up because I think I could have sucked up the carpet. I loved all 5 of them. I just got online and saw that the 6th one, or "Rocky Balboa" is on in Austin. I am so excited I wish I could go to the midnight feature tonight. I will be going sometime this week. And I'll be back with a review. Does anyone besides me like ROCKY?


Robin said...

Hey Lynn,


2) Thanks for coming out of "lurker" status and commenting on my blog :). I'm glad to know you check in from time to time. I've seen your avatar before, but can't remember where at the moment.

3) In answer to your question, I remember REALLY LIKING the original Rocky, but not being thrilled after that. I think I saw the first three, but lost interest by the time four was made. I'll be curious to hear your review :).

I'm trying to figure out how to bookmark your page, for some reason I don't see the URL at the top of the page...hmmmmmm...gotta figure this one out!

Heather said...

I love Rocky movies, too. And Eye of the Tiger makes me run really fast...ha ha ha

Love you

Barbie said...

ROFL You crack me up! I don't like the Rocky movies but then again I can't stand Elvis either lol

Bryan said...

Yes, I most certainly do! You've got great taste in movies. I can remember when my dad took my brother and I to see the very first Rocky movie all those many years ago.

Great stuff!