Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Sometimes my restlessness catches up with me and I crumble. It takes alot to make it happen but it eventually does. Here are the latest top 10 events to send me running to my Saviour's arms today:
1. A new precious granddaughter to be born any minute. She is no longer Possum but has a real name that shall remain sealed behind my quivering lips.

2. Are you sure I really said I was going to retire? Now, what am I going to do?

3. My expectant daughter is grieving tonight over the death of her father in law 3 days ago. His services are tomorrow in San Antonio. I will be driving there for the service. She is home alone in Houston while hubby is in SA with his family and wanting to be with her too. Too many entanglements.

4. DID YOU HEAR ME????? I WILL BE DRIVING IN SAN ANTONIO. I do not know San Antonio. Nor do I know where I am going. Someone told me that if I get to the Alamo then I went too far. Thanks for the advice.

5. I never never never cry. My mother doesn't cry. She can't remember when the last time was that she cried. We thought it was defective tearducts or hormones run amok. But, tonight mine opened and the tears won't stop.

6. I am supposed to be meeting with a retirement advisor with any questions that I might have for this most final decision I have made. How the heck do I know what questions to ask. I just know that I did not plan very well for my retirement years financially. I did not realize they would get here so quick. So, if you see a sweet, new little lady greeting at Walmart just shake my hand and walk quickly by. Don't act like you know me.

7. My mother's head wound last week , that required 46 stitches, is healing very nicely. That was another ordeal that ended positively. She almost got a forehead lift and looks younger than I do.

8. I just changed insurance policies for both cars and the house. I had to make double payments this month. You gotta love small town banking when they call you and are whispering to hurry and get some money in your account. And you do.

9. My precious daughter-in-love who is also pregnant is awaiting her glucose test and worrying about the results. There is too much to worry about. But, I think she mostly worries about being married to my son who worries about too much like his mother. God bless her.

AND 10. When am I going to realize that I can not answer all the problems of the world? When am I going to believe that God feeds the sparrows? When am I going to believe that I really can run into the arms of my God for refuge? Maybe now. Believe me, I am weary.


Paul said...

You are building up a lot of stress points there. Relax and enjoy the journey. God is there with you. He will guide you and protect you. I'm praying for you.

DJG said...

Sometimes it takes the building of multiple problems for us to realize #10....give it to Him...he will carry you!

I too will pray for you.

Ashley said...

I do NOT have defective tear ducts. Don't get me to cryin' might put me in labor.

You are lucky. The funeral is on the outskirts of San Antonio...You'll be fine.

Love you.

Heather said...

I am also weary.... I know how you feel. Hang in there and pray hard, really hard! :)

Love you

Amy said...

Hugs! Sounds like your plate is full. May God carry you through and hold you in His arms.

mindy tyndall said...

Lyn...So much is going on and it seems that "mom" is the one who everything thinks can handle it the best. And, I do believe God gives us a little extra strength each day. Just remember to take some time for yourself.

What great joy our children do bring to us and in spite of all the goings-on, isn't God so good! I keep you in my daily prayers...


"I have no greater joy than knowing that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 3